What is a Front End Alignment in a Bus?

What is a Front End Alignment?

When it comes to servicing your bus, there are some areas of maintenance that are extremely important. For the safety of your drivers and their passengers, front end alignment needs to be considered as one of those important areas. Not only can poor alignment affect tire wear, but it can also lead to difficulty in steering and stopping efficiently, particularly at high speeds. Whether you’re purchasing a mini bus for sale, or a larger touring bus for sale, you should always keep front end alignment in mind, and schedule regular bus repairs and service with Atlantic Bus Sales.

Before anything else, it’s important that you understand exactly what front end alignment is.

Front End Alignment (Wheel Alignment) Explained

front end alignmentHave you ever driven a vehicle where the steering seemed to pull to a certain direction, even when travelling on a straight road? If so, then you would have been dealing with a vehicle that had poor front end alignment. Thankfully, a bus for sale from Atlantic Bus Sales will be fully maintained and ready to drive away, but wheel alignment can still degrade over time, even on brand new vehicles.

Any time that a bus goes over bumps, uneven road surfaces, potholes, or any kind of poorly maintained road, the wheels will fall further out of alignment. This means that as the wheels rotate, they don’t follow the exact same angle. The longer the time is between alignment services, the worse the misalignment will be, and if you own a bus that covers a lot of mileage over different types of road surfaces, then the problems related to poor alignment can be costly.

Why You Should Insist on Regular Servicing

New bus sales can come with service plans, and it’s in your best interest to make use of the plans, and stick to any schedule recommended by the sales team here at Atlantic Bus Sales.

Regular front end alignment will balance and set your wheels straight, with the right camber (angle) for the type of bus that you own. You’ll enjoy a number of benefits from regular alignment. These include,

  • Longer lasting tires that wear evenly, resulting in better grip and safer stopping.
  • Your bus will drive smoother, and won’t veer off in any particular direction. This can reduce driver input fatigue on long routes.
  • Highway cruising will be easier and safer.
  • Reduced fuel costs, due to the vehicle requiring less energy to maneuver.
  • Overall better handling and safety.

Remember, if you don’t get regular alignment checks, then the above benefits will be reversed. Instead of better tire wear, you will notice that your tires wear down faster, resulting in costly replacements. Highway cruising could become more difficult and result in an uneven ride. Fuel costs could increase, and the overall safety of your bus will be compromised.

Considering that front end alignment is a relatively quick and affordable service procedure, there’s really no good reason why you should skip regular inspections on your buses.

Comprehensive Service at Atlantic Bus Sales

Atlantic Bus SalesWhen you can get service from your favorite dealer, you’ll enjoy better peace of mind, and you’ll be able to develop a real rapport with the team that works on your vehicles. In this way, you can learn to better understand front end alignment, as well as a whole range of other service and repair procedures. You’ll get an idea for the conditions that can adversely impact your buses, and you’ll know some of the things to look for to spot developing problems.

With everything from new bus sales to engine repairs, tire replacement to wheel alignment, and even custom modifications and paintwork, Atlantic Bus Sales is your one stop shop in Pompano Beach. Talk to us today about any of your sales needs, or services requirements for your single vehicle, or even a whole bus fleet. Our leading customer service and high standard of work will give you confidence in knowing that your buses won’t let you down.



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