Used Shuttle Buses: The Ideal Investment

Used Shuttle Buses: The Ideal Investment

There are many shuttle buses for sale in different dealerships across the country. This type of vehicle is valued for its versatility. We can change it to serve a wide variety of functions. It can start as standard transportation for employee shuttle buses,  medical transport buses, assisted living buses, church buses to include special add-ons to become childcare buses, adult day care buses, airport shuttle buses, limousine buses, executive buses, ADA Buses, Wheelchair Lift Buses and much more.

Child care buses are prime examples of why it’s important to research options. These buses provide both safety and comfort. These buses have to be durable with seat-belt provisions and high-traction tires that allow it to maneuver through different road and traffic conditions. Also, the seats are usually designed to provide the best comfort and durability for the traveling children.

The Benefits of Used Shuttle Buses from Florida – NO SNOW, NO SALT, NO RUST

It is worthwhile to think that purchasing a used bus is an more cost effective for a start up business, an addition to your existing fleet or for the busier times of your year when an additional bus is required by your company.   Other companies would rather make the investment into a  brand new shuttle bus.  Buses, no matter what type, are not exempt from the  vehicle depreciation costs.  Be Sure to purchase a used bus that has passed the rigorous Standards of Atlantic Bus Sales.  Shuttle buses can serve more than ten years, and with regular service, can serve for as long as twenty plus years if properly cared for maintained.

Another benefit of buying a  used shuttle bus is the fact that extra amenities might already be installed. These may not come with the standard configurations available to brand new vehicles.

Most of the time, extra customization or the addition of essential features adds up to spending more money. A matching used bus will be the perfect bargain.

Contact Atlantic Bus Sales for Child Safe Shuttle Buses for Sale

Of course, safety is of utmost importance so the integrity of the needs to also be a focus in your research. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we inspect every used bus. We offer repair services onsite and investigate the quality and durability of each used bus we sell.  We can install child safety alarm systems and also 5 point seating or seatbelts if the bus is not already equipped.  Contact us toll free at 800-762-7433 to learn more about the used and new shuttle buses for sale we have in stock.

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