What is Atlantic Bus Sales Piggyback Contracts

Trend: Growing Popularity of Piggyback Contracts

Cooperative purchasing is sharing procurement contracts between governments. Piggyback contracts are a type of cooperative purchasing activity in which “one or more organizations represent their requirements and include an option for other organizations to “ride” or “bridge” the contract as awarded.” (http://www.naspo.org/documents/cooperative_purchasing0410update.pdf)

Cooperative contracts are becoming increasingly popular at the federal, state, and local levels. The reasons for the increase in piggy back contracts consist mainly of two other industry trends: increasing complexity of purchase requirements for procurement professionals, and decreasing budgets. Cooperative purchasing saves time and money in contract production, and lowers contract prices through the power of higher volume.

Although piggyback contracting has many benefits, it is still important to be thorough and work closely with the other parties to make sure to cover all of the details, as streamlined as the process is, there is still process.

The National Association of State Procurement Officials has an excellent article on the topic of cooperative procurements and discusses piggyback contracting more detail at http://www.naspo.org/documents/cooperative_purchasing0410update.pdf.

Atlantic Bus Sales announces all piggyback contract opportunities on its website regularly in the center of the main navigation bar in order to ensure that all parties who may benefit from the opportunities are able to learn about the opportunities as soon as possible. Atlantic Bus Sales keeps its piggyback contract area, as it does other areas, up to date in order to provide accurate and timely notice to would be piggyback contract parties.

Atlantic Bus Sales is proud to offer a wide range of transportation options under existing government contracts. These contracts comply with all the requirements for grants as well as not for profit agencies. To discuss contracts and options contact our transportation consultants. We will assist your agency every step of the way.

Special Government finance packages available as well as Chevy, Ford and International Chassis, depending on GVW, equipment and layout selection. Para-transit layouts are available with either front or rear lift packages.

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