Tour Bus Repair to Prepare for the Winter Season

Tour Bus Repair to Prepare for the Winter Season

Bus Repair Winter is already in full swing, even though it seems to letting up in certain areas of the country, but if you live in a northern state then you already know what could be coming. Have you let your inter maintenance slide? Were you hoping it would be another warm winter? If you really do let it slide for too long then there is a good chance that you might find yourself needing massive bus repairs at some point and that’s not going to be fun by any stretch of the imagination.

That being said, now would definitely be a great time to start considering winterizing your vehicle or at the very least performing some of the most common repairs you absolutely need to perform before you set out on the roads and highways of America. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a fleet of shuttle buses for an airport or a single bus designed to transport students around campus, make sure you have this under control.

Bus Repair Tips for Winter

As winter rolls through the land, make sure you’re ready by following these handy tips:

Check the Fluids

If you’ve ever owned a car then this is one that you’ve heard over and over again. Yes, you have to check the fluids constantly or at least once every few months. It would be a stellar idea to make that check right before winter just to ensure that you’re ready for everything that’s about to come your way. A fluid check includes:

  • Steering Fluid – Ensures that the power steering system is useable and that you can actually turn the wheel. Technically you can operate without this, but it won’t be pleasant.
  • Brake Fluid – Ensures that the brakes are functioning properly and that stops will be smooth.
  • Transmission Fluid – Used to facility smooth gear shifting such as between park, neutral, drive, and other gear selections.
  • Oil – This fluid needs no introduction as it is used to lubricate the components in your engine and should be checked on a regular basis.
  • Wiper Fluid – Though this is not a fluid that determines the functionality of your engine, it’s vitally important as it determines whether or not you are able to see through your windshield.

shuttle bus repair

Swap Out the Tires

Winter is rough on tires and ice can make it hazardous. You’re going to need something that can withstand the lack of friction and the water buildup, so it is strongly recommended that you go with snow tires that can easily hold traction and will last considerably longer. They’re a little more expensive but they’ll get your passengers where they need to go with minimal hazard, making them a worthwhile purchase.

Wheel Alignment

Front wheel alignment should be a part of regular maintenance but it is definitely something that you should check when you are getting ready for winter. Front wheel alignment consists of adjusting the wheel angles so that they are more in line with the maker’s specifications.

Check the Battery

Winter can also be hard on the battery, so make sure that the one you have installed matches the maker’s specifications. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when replacing their battery is to replace it with a model that has lower CCA or Cold Cranking Amps. If you live in a warm climate you can get away with this, but if you happen to live in a spot that experiences cold weather on a regular basis, or particularly harsh winters, the CCA will determine whether or not you can even start your bus. When it comes to mini bus repair or shuttle bus repair you need to either replace the battery with equivalent CCA or higher, depending on which direction you wish to go in.

Getting your bus ready for winter presents some serious challenges but we’re ready to help you meet them. With more than twenty years of experience, Atlantic Bus has repair personnel on standby that will help you to address your problems and even winterize your bus. The cold is already upon us, don’t wait!



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