The Top 7 Tips to Buying a New or Used Bus

The Top 7 Tips to Buying a New or Used Bus

When it comes to getting around, Atlantic Bus Sales has the transport bus for sale that you need. Used bus sales are the way to go for convenience, function, and cost when purchasing a multi-passenger transport vehicle. The following seven pointers will help to guide buyers to a successful purchase without being left in the exhaust fumes of a bad deal.

Follow These 7 Tips to Successfully Buy Your Next Bus

1. Size – Take the size of the vehicle into consideration. The criteria of brand, model, engine, type of fuel used, and seating capacity are all issues to address.
2. Engine Reliability – This will include such things as the performance, safety, fuel economy, and reviews. Consider what’s going on under the hood to make sure you find the right bus for you. Even if you decide on used bus sales, Atlantic Bus Sales is a full service dealership. We offer repair and maintenance of buses.
3. Seating Capacity – This requires a vehicle that is equipped to handle the amount of passengers to transport. It is a waste to buy a vehicle that is too small or to buy one that is too big for what you need.
4. New Model Benefits – For instances where the transport involves the use of wheelchairs and low steps, it is important to keep this in mind when looking for a quality new or used vehicle from Atlantic Bus Sales. Some new models may have the required safety features installed while used buses for sale may have the extra requirements already added. If certain features are required on new buses for sale, they may be additional.
5. Safety – This may involve such things as wheelchair lifts, seatbelts, food trays, plush interiors, and reclining seats.
6. Electronics – Before purchasing a used transit vehicle, test all electrical equipment to assure that it is in working order.
7. Engine Diagnostics – Ask for maintenance records for the vehicle and have it checked out by an independent mechanic for potential issues. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we have factory-trained technicians on hand to handle inspection, maintenance, and repair of used buses.

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When looking for a bus for sale, it is wise to look into used bus sales or shuttle bus for sale with Atlantic Bus Sales. They have the best selection and prices for multiple passenger vehicles.

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