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Top 10 FAQ’s When Buying a Bus

FAQ's About Buying a Bus

If you are in the market for a new or used bus you may want to ask a few questions along the way. We have assembled the top ten most frequtly asked questions we have encountered over the years. Here they are…

1. What kind of driver’s license will we need?

While each state has its own requirements, a Commercial Driver’s License with a Passenger Endorsement is required if you drive a vehicle with more than 15 passengers. However, if you purchase a bus for 15 passengers or less, no Commercial Driver’s License is usually needed. Check with your state DMV for proper licensing requirements.

2. How do we get warranty work done?

There are several bus warranties. The chassis, A/C, alternator as well as all major bus components and tire warranty will be honored by each Manufacturer’s local representative.

3. What does the law state about seat belts?

According to U.S. Law, seat belts are required for vehicles rated over 10,000 lbs. GVWR. However, the majority of organizations decide to purchase retractable seat belts for their new bus.

4. Should we buy a gas or diesel engine?

As a rule of thumb, diesel engines last longer than gas engines. However, there is a significant price difference between the two engines. You can expect to pay around $7,000 for a diesel engine upgrade. Depending on how many miles you use per year, the cost-to-benefit ratio may not be worth it. The diesel engine upgrade is mostly purchased for larger buses.

5. Should we add a wheel chair lift to our bus?

Our experience has shown that unless an organization is accommodating a significant number of physically disabled people, a wheelchair lift is not typically a necessary option. Investing in a wheel chair lift increases the purchase price of a bus by $5,000 while requiring the removal of 5 fixed seats from the passenger capacity.

6. Do buses come with luggage or storage areas?

Buses can be configured with overhead luggage storage inside the cab as well as rear storage (with or without a rear wall.) Undercarriage storage is available on 27-46 passenger models.

7. Can we view a bus in person and have a demonstration?

The easiest way to see a bus in person is to go to a dealership for a full bus demo and a tour of their facilities. If you are not conveniently located near a dealer, contact your dealer of choice and request a list of local customers who have bought from them and try and see their bus. Or simply call your dealer of choice and schedule a showing at your location.

8. Is financing available?

Absolutely! Any reputable bus dealer knows that a successful bus purchasing experience may require financing and will want to insure that you get financing that works for you.

9. What is the process to purchase a bus?

Once an organization decides to purchase a bus from a dealer’s inventory, the transaction can be completed and the bus delivered within a week. This is a reasonable time frame. Special order buses are normally delivered within 6 – 8 weeks. The sale can be completed without the organization ever having to come to our office.

10. Who are the top bus manufacturers?

There are several manufacturers to choose from, but over the last few years the top selling brand of buses are: Eldorado, Krystal, Glaval and Starcraft.

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