Three Amenities your Luxury Bus Should Have

Three Amenities your Luxury Bus Should Have

Luxury Buses are an amazing thing, to say the least. Not only are they a great way to make sure your passengers get to their destination, but also to make sure that they have all of the amenities they need. Luxury buses are designed to be far more convenient and comfortable than your usual bus leasing options. Oftentimes, luxury buses are intended to carry passengers much further than the typical bus, and expose them to over the road travel for long periods of time. It should be no surprise that these buses will have more comfort items than the typical transit authority vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of the most common amenities you can expect to find on a luxury vehicle from our national bus sales and leasing line.

Wifi Enabled Traveling Options

Luxury BusOne of the newest options as of late has been that of wireless internet, which many have found to be more than useful on long trips. So long as an individual has a wifi enable device, they will be able to connect to the internet on long trips which will allow them to not only get work done, but keep in contact with friends and family while they are on the road. All in all, it makes communication with those as their end destination much easier, and in a connected world, staying in contact is very important. It was only a matter of time before mobile internet would be available for buses. The device is typically a box  sold by an internet provider like Mobile On Board. Companies like these offer a number of different options geared toward different bus sizes, often dependent upon the number of people who need to access the internet. These services can be made available to a number of different vehicles whether in the case of bus leasing, shuttle bus leasing, or any other type of transit option.

When a customer choose to make use of this option they will be able to access the internet on any number of devices including:

  • Tablets
  • Laptop Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • MP3 Players
  • iPods
  • etc

This is one amenity that you cannot afford NOT to have on your bus, so make sure you consider it before you launch a transit solution or even lease one.

Restroom Facilities

Luxury buses are often meant for long distance travel and with that being the case, you need to have good restroom facilities. The ability to add a working restroom to a bus is an amazing thing, no matter how you look at it. Good restroom facilities will be able to accommodate a number of passenger’s needs until you are able to make it to the next bus stop, and most importantly, it will keep those passengers happy.

There are several companies that specialize in bus lavatory systems, most systems comprising of a toilet, pump, control unit, and collecting tank. These systems are powered by the bus, and you can install a greywater collection tank for wash basin purposes. Not every bus needs to make use of this, naturally, but there are some that can really benefit from it. Most luxury bus leasing options make use of a good lavatory system, ensuring absolute comfort during those long rides.

Personal Air Conditioning Unit

national bus sales and leasingOn any bus, personal comfort is important whether you have LCD televisions, internet, radio, etc. Because your bus may be transporting individuals who have special climate needs, such as those with chronic pain conditions, they could need the ability to control the air conditioning level in their own personal space. Personal air conditioning units can be deployed to each seat, each one controllable by the individual sitting there. In addition to that you should be able to install separate heating units, ensuring that the rider has full access to every single option they need in order to ensure a comfortable and customizable bus ride. There are many companies that provide these options, and because of their wide availability, they are now equipped on every luxury bus whether it is for mass transit, or simply for transporting a few individuals. The choices really are astounding, and can be installed in nearly any vehicle.

No matter what the purpose of your bus happens to be, national bus sales and leasing will serve to ensure that you receive a unit capable of providing the utmost in riding comfort for either you, or for the passengers that you are going to serve. There are many other amenities to consider when you are preparing to lease a bus, or are thinking of adding a new one to your fleet. We have listed some of the most popular amenity options on the market, and before you know it, you’ll have a bus that is fully equipped and ready to transport passengers of any type, regardless of their personal needs. Take a look at our fleet today and get ready for the bus lines of the future – the options are fantastic.


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