The Van Terra - Perfect for Smaller Organizations

The Van Terra – Perfect for Smaller Organizations

Organizations of all sizes need to facilitate transport for employees, members, or customers, and with that being the case, Turtle Top is striving to be the number one in shuttle bus transportation, and of course a great provider of shuttle bus repair. Recently, Turtle Top unveiled the Van Terra line, which is not only perfect for smaller organizations, but also an outstanding value when it comes to shuttle buses. Let’s take a look at the different features and value that the Van Terra provides.

It’s a Whole New Van

Turtle Top Shuttle BusTurtle Top has long been an outstanding transportation provider, and one that businesses haven’t wanted to miss out on. While the brand name doesn’t matter much to the average rider, the Turtle Top brand has become a household name in any business requiring reliable transportation. The Van Terra line is bother versatile and strong, ensuring that all passengers are not only able to ride in comfort, but are able to easily access the bus. The vehicle features an entrance that is simple to use for people of all sizes and capabilities. In addition to that, the cabin interior features plenty of headroom,  allowing passengers to walk about with ease.

The Van Terra is touted as an alternative to the standard 15 passenger van that most companies use for transportation, and in our opinion, it is much safer. First of all, it provides for far more stability with an extended rear wheel stance, and the chassis is sturdier as it features a full roll cage. Some of the most common uses for the new Van Terra will include:

  • Religious Organizations
  • Schools
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Corporations
  • Limousine Services
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Executive Shuttle Services

These are just a few of the businesses that could potentially use this type of bus, and you’re more than likely thinking of a few more – perhaps even your own. The Van Terra has the unique ability to maneuver just like a van while having the same stability that you would find in a dual rear wheel bus. It’s durable, it’s safe, and most importantly, it’s comfortable.

Further Feature Exploration

shuttle busTo explore further, the Van Terra is one that will rarely require bus repair and it is able to exceed all FMVSS regulations. Additionally, this van does not require a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in most state, making it perfect for businesses and non-profit organizations that find themselves on a bit of a limited budget. And don’t want to sink the money into obtaining CDL’s for all of their employees. Keep in mind however, that while the vans supporting 15 passengers or below are not going to require you to obtain a CDL, but any floor plans that go above this number most certainly will in most states. Keep that in mind when you are choosing your floorplan, and pick the one that will benefit your business the most.

The last thing we’d like to mention is that there are a LOT of floorplans available for the Van Terra, making it perhaps the most versatile of buses in the Turtle Top line, at least as far as shuttles are concerned. Some of the floorplans add more passenger seating, and then there are those that will allow for greater amounts of storage. The second is definitely useful for those situations where you have an extended trip planned, or perhaps for use at an airport where you need to transport passengers to and from the terminal. The potential uses are endless, and it doesn’t stop with luggage and passengers. These buses can easily be made to be ADA compliant with different floor plan variations, as you will quickly find by taking a look at the different available plans on the Turtle Top website. As you can see, the Van Terra is a great improvement over many of the other options available on the market today.

New Territory

Turtle TopThe Van Terra line from Turtle Top is powerful, it is easy to drive, and most importantly, it looks great! The level of comfort and aesthetics offered by Turtle Top are increasingly difficult to match, and when it comes to pleasing your riders, you really can’t go wrong here. Now would be a great time to take a look at the Turtle Top website and see what kinds of floorplans are available. There are far too many to list here, but the full roster will astound you. Consider the Van Terra line for your shuttle bus fleet.


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