The Terra Transit Line from Turtle Top - Smaller But Still Capable

The Terra Transit Line from Turtle Top – Smaller But Still Capable

When you think of buses, there is a good chance you’re thinking of something huge, bulky, and probably out of your price range as far as gas mileage goes, but what if we told you that there are smaller buses out there for you to consider? The Terra Transit line is without a doubt one of the better shuttle bus variants, based primarily on the Ford E350 line, which was introduced in 1961 as a compact van. The 350 has seen multiple generations, though today it is only available as a stripped chassis. Don’t worry, this makes it not only a great investment, but also a highly customizable model that any bus designer can be proud of. When you’re considering bus leasing, this is definitely one that you won’t want to miss out on.

Exploring the Terra Transit

If you are familiar with the Odyssey line of buses then this will probably look pretty familiar to you. Essentially, what we are dealing with here is a stripped down version of the Odyssey, featuring seating room for up to twenty-five passengers, not including the driver. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this shuttle bus leasing option is less safe simply because it is stripped down, however. It meets the same standard of safety that Turtle Top is known for, and of course, it is quite roomy. A quick look inside the Terra Transit model will show you that the passengers have plenty of headroom as well as passage through the aisles. In addition to that, the vehicle is wheel chair accessible, easy to move around in, and in terms of crash safety, it features a full roll cage. In other words, you would be hard pressed to do any better, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Terra Transit Line from Turtle Top


Safety in Purchase or Lease

When you’re looking into shuttle bus leasing, and any type of bus leasing for that matter, the one question you’re going to have, is whether or not your investment is actually safe. The Terra Transit line from Turtle Top is a practical choice that is not only great right off the line, but can also be customized to meet your particular needs. There are a number of different modifications that can be made to meet the needs of the consumer, but before we get to that, let’s talk about some of the standard additions made to the already considerable E350 chassis.

Primary Features

We mentioned the rollover cage previously, but what we didn’t mention, is that the entire thing is primed with a rust inhibitor. In the end, this means that the cage will not weaken over time, assuming the bus is not involved in accident. This is an outstanding standard in safety, and a feature that passengers will never see, but will most certainly benefit from each and every time they step onto the bus.

Beneath the chassis, the underbody is foam sealed and protected from the elements that will come from not only wind and rain, but also the wear and tear that occurs as a result of being on the road. Of course, the undercarriage, while important, is nothing compared to the pounding that the sides will take. For this reason, the front and rear cowls are comprised entirely of fiberglass with a gel coated exterior, topped by a one-piece pre-molded fiberglass roof.

The innovation doesn’t stop with the sides or undercarriage, it extends to the windows, which are inted, solid, and able to meet FMVSS 217. Additionally, the vehicle features an aluminum entrance door with a manual b-fold 2” with tinted glass.

Custom Additions

As we mentioned before, the vehicle does feature custom additions that you’ll definitely want to consider adding, such as an engine hour meter for keeping track of hours of operation, a pullout battery tray, and even the ability to replace the OEM batteries with interstate batteries. A P.A. system will also make your ride more complete, along with a speaker package, OEM radio, and so much more. The options are nearly unlimited, and it won’t be long before you see why so many people prefer to use these shuttle buses as part of their small scale fleet. The Terra Transit, as far as bus leasing is concerned, is leading the industry and is definitely one of the best parts of Turtle Top’s catalogue. With amazing features, both in safety and otherwise, riders will be happy and safe.


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