Shuttle Bus Leasing for Seasonal Events

Shuttle Bus Leasing for Seasonal Events

Seasonal events need a lot of planning. Even if they’re out several months you’re still going to need to make sure that you have everything you need for when the time comes. If it’s a music festival, for example, you’re going to need tents, you’ll need first aid stations, and a plethora of other items.

Another great example would be a renaissance fair that only happens once per year on a set schedule. Then again you could have a carnival that rents the same space every single year; there are so many different possibilities and different opportunities for these seasonal events, and you will definitely want to consider bus leasing at some point.

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Why Bus Leasing?

One thing that seasonal events tend to have in common is the need for transportation, and that can sometimes be very difficult to arrange, to say the least. One major issue that you will run into is making sure that you are able to get your people from one end of the grounds to the other, or even getting them from the parking lot to the event. Imagine what a hassle it could be if your parking lot is on the other side of a busy highway and you need to get your guests across? Imagine the liability you would face if they were forced to cross on foot!

Honestly, there are a lot of amusement parks that face this very serious problem, and their best solution is the use of shuttle bus leasing. When you lease a bus for a seasonal event you are removing quite a bit of the doubt and confusion that would normally accompany one of these occasions, and it will most definitely help you in ways you haven’t even realized.

Why Shuttle Buses?

Okay, so why would you want to go with shuttle buses? What’s the big difference? First of all, shuttle buses are a bit lighter than full size transit buses, meaning they use less fuel, and if you have to drive them across grass, you won’t damage the ground. This, in its own right, gives you far more domain over the area and far more options than you might have had otherwise. It’s just one of the benefits and you can be sure that there are many more.

Shuttle Bus LeasingAnother great benefit of shuttle buses, especially for these events, is the plethora of available floor plans. You can choose one that has handicapped facilities and even a hydraulic lift or ramp for those who cannot use the door. On the flip side, if you do not necessarily plan on having a lot of handicapped passengers, then you might want to go the route of choosing a floorplan with more seating so you can be sure to easily get your guests from one place to the next, picking up more as you go along. There are many different floorplans available, and it won’t be too long before you choose one, or even several if you have more than one bus that you need to set up for the event.

Finally, shuttle bus leasing is much less expensive than actually purchasing a full sized bus for any event. We understand that you aren’t going to be using these buses forever, and you may even need to work out a lease agreement for the following year. If you are working on a lease agreement rather than making an outright purchase, you can expect to get the latest model last time rather than relying on last year’s model which is a priceless gesture. Furthermore, you won’t have to keep up with yearly maintenance, freeing up your time and giving you more opportunities to do what you do best: planning your event.

A Deal you Can’t Refuse

Bus leasing from Atlantic comes with not only the bus you need to make your event great, but also plenty of repair options that will surely keep your vehicle on the road for the duration of your event. In the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, give us a call and we’ll get you fixed up! Trust a company that has decades of experience and can give you the experience that you deserve; trust Atlantic.


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