Shuttle Bus Leasing for Government Agencies

Shuttle Bus Leasing for Government Agencies

Shuttle Bus LeasingWhen one thinks of government agencies they typically think of the FBI, CIA, or even homeland security. While those are definitely existing agencies that serve a very important purpose, many tend to overlook the simpler agencies. We’re talking about the Parks Department, the Department of agriculture, and any number of other branches that provide a service to the public.

If you are the director for such an agency there is a good chance that you’re on the lookout for some sort of transportation option and there are many different reasons for this. For example, you might be looking into bus leasing to transport your employees from place to place, or maybe you’re trying to move equipment. There are a plethora of great reasons to items or people around in this manner, and with that being the case you’re going to want to find the best possible bus leasing option. It’s not as difficult as you might think, but there are still several considerations that you will need to make.

Get on Top of Bus Leasing – Identify your Needs

Before you can take advantage of the best bus leasing option for your business there are several questions that you are going to need to answer. Take a look at the following checklist and see if you meet any if the criteria:

Passenger TransportThere is little doubt that as a government agency you’re going to need to use your bus to move passengers around at some point or another. Maybe you’re moving employees to a different work site or maybe you’re providing a public service for citizens. No matter what the case happens to be, you need to make sure you have a quality shuttle bus that can really get the job done.

Equipment TransportCan you transport your equipment on a shuttle bus? You absolutely can! The vast majority of bus manufacturers and bus leasing companies will offer a number of different floorplans that you can easily choose from. Some of the floor plans will allow for passengers, some will allow for equipment, and some will permit for better ADA compliance.

Long vs Short DistanceHow far do you need to go? Some shuttle buses are only meant for the immediate area and some will actually be used for long distance – it all depends up on your immediate needs. That being said, you need to make a decision now, and this decision will determine the floor plan you use. In addition to that it will determine what kind of, if any amenities you choose to place within the vehicle.

Driving On

bus leasingChoosing the right bus definitely doesn’t need to be difficult. There are plenty of different types out there, all of which are geared toward a specific type of customer or service. Though there are many choices to dig through there is one thing that remains clear: You must use Atlantic Bus Sales as your provider. Okay so that sounds a little definitive and maybe you’re wondering why you should stick to a single bus provider.

We would like to challenge you with a different question: why wouldn’t you? That’s right, while you might have been told to never put all of your eggs in one basket, we’re here to tell you that sometimes it’s a really good basket, as is the case with Atlantic Bus. Why exactly? Consider that Atlantic has been in business for the past thirty years and knows buses like no other company on the market.

Consider the fact that Atlantic Bus is able to offer superior parts and service for everyone that buys from them. In-area repairs and parts shipped means you will never need to worry about searching for a good dealer again – it’s a win-win situation and one that many people have taken advantage of over the years. It’s your turn to make sure that your agency has not only the transportation it needs, but the parts and service that it will be requiring over the course of many years. Give us a call today.


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