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RV Service and Repair

Welcome to our RV Service and Repair Department!

When it comes to RV Service and Repair, our expert certified ASE technicians at Atlantic Bus can fix anything!
Atlantic Bus Sales provides the same high quality service as all major RV dealers and RV service centers combined with our very competitive prices and full service capability and experience service staff, we are your one stop shop for RV repair and service in south Florida.

Your RV is your home on the road and one of your most significant investments. There’s nothing greater than having the freedom to travel and enjoy the lifestyle that an RV can bring. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we help you to preserve your investment so that you’re ready to go wherever the road takes you.

Our complete RV maintenance and service department has you covered for everything from routine inspections to major repairs and overhauls. Our experienced service team is here to keep you on the road to insure your safety and your vehicles reliability.

Complete RV Maintenance and Service- our expert and certified techs can fix anything whether basic RV service or RV engine replacement.

Our complete RV maintenance and RV service work includes:

  • Multi-point inspection and routine service.
  • Appliance and accessories maintenance and repair.
  • Wheel bearing maintenance to prevent failure.
  • Air conditioning repair and maintenance.
  • Furnace and water heater maintenance and service.
  • Seal testing for a leak-free RV.
  • Chassis maintenance and general service including oil change, fluid replacement, etc.
  • Generator oil change and maintenance.
  • Winterization and de-winterization service to keep you moving in any season.

If you’ve just invested in a used RV, a multi-point inspection is highly recommended. New RV models should be inspected yearly to prevent costly failures and repairs.

Have confidence knowing that the best RV maintenance and service team is here to help.

RV Engine Repair and Replacement

Engine failures can leave you stranded. Without preventative maintenance, you could face costly repairs. With our RV engine repair and replacement service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your RV is road-worthy and free of hidden issues. An inspection today could save you thousands in the future. When your engine reaches end-of-life, we’ll replace it with an affordable and highly reliable service.

RV Transmission Repair

RV Service and repair

We are specialists in RV transmission repair and service, including rebuilding, transfer case repair, transmission flush, and transmission cooler services. A failing transmission reduces efficiency and can mean that a breakdown is just around the next corner.

Whether you need a complete rebuild or an inspection before your next big adventure, we are standing by to help.

RV Generator and Electrical Repair

Your RV is a home on wheels, and the generator and electrical systems are integral to your comfort and enjoyment. Generator faults will be diagnosed by experts with years of experience in the RV maintenance and service industry.

We can detect even the most difficult and intermittent faults to ensure that all of your systems are ready to run when you need them. We will rewire, modify, service, and install any of your electrical systems to the highest industry standards. Safety and performance are guaranteed.

If you are experiencing problems with lighting, appliances, outlets, or if your generator is simply not turning on, talk to the experts at Atlantic Bus Sales. We service all models from any era.

RV Brakes and Bearing Repair

Brakes and bearings are some of the most important systems in any vehicle. In an RV, these systems are placed under extreme pressures. Even the smallest RV at low speeds carries incredible momentum. Failing to stop could lead to a serious accident, injury, and extensive damage. You carry insurance for peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean that you can let your brakes and bearings go unchecked.

RV brakes and bearing repair will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and ready to decelerate and stop in all conditions. You need to be sure that you can stop quickly and efficiently. Let us maintain your brakes and bearings so that there’s no uncertainty on your next trip.

RV Service and repair

RV Suspension Repair

Your RV suspension needs to perform day in and day out, in a broad range of difficult conditions. Responsible for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride, a well-maintained suspension is an investment worth making.

A failed or under performing suspension can put unnecessary stress on brakes and bearings, damage your chassis, and make it difficult to stop safely or control your RV in even perfect conditions.

Keep yourself, your family and guests, and other road users safe by relying on our RV suspension repair services. We can troubleshoot, reinstall, and completely rebuild suspensions for RVs and buses.

RV Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

There are few things worse than heading out on an expedition, only to find that your air conditioning system isn’t performing its best. With RV air conditioning maintenance and repair, your RV will be comfortable whether on the road or parked up at a beautiful scenic site.

If your air conditioner isn’t getting cold, if your fuel and power consumption is high, or if the air isn’t moving as it should be, you can talk to the best RV maintenance and service techs in Florida.

Reliable, Trustworthy, and Affordable RV Maintenance and Service – we want to earn your business so give us a call to discuss your RV needs.

Protect the investment that you’ve made in your recreational vehicle. Contact Atlantic Bus Sales for reliable RV maintenance and service in Pompano Beach.

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