RV Living Full-Time things to consider before full time RVing

RV Living Full Time- 6 Things to Consider

Live in Your RV Full Time? Things you Need to Know

The question always comes up, can you really live for free or nearly for free in my RV? Have you ever met or know someone who lives a non-stop travel lifestyle? Do you get jealous when your friends post about their travel vacations on social media sites and wish you could consider living remote in your RV and posting from cool vacation spots across the country?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should know that living full-time in an RV, motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer could actually be significantly cheaper than living at a fixed location.  Here are 6 options to consider about RV living full time.

RV WorkCamping

WorkCamping combines working and camping.  Individuals or couples who ‘workCamp’ at some campgrounds can receive free perks or compensation in exchange for their time helping out at a campground.  For example, an individual who volunteers time and helps out with landscaping or works the registration desk on weeknights might receive a free campsite, free electric/water/sewer hookups, or free propane in exchange for their time.  Free perks such as a free campsite or free utilities could mean free or nearly free rent while you’re living in your RV.

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RV Boondocking

Boondocking is living independently without amenities typically offered at campgrounds.  In the west primarily, there are 264 million acres of public lands which offer free boondocking opportunities.  If you want to travel west, boondocking on public lands for free means you could put a serious dent in lowering your monthly living expenses in a fixed location.  The trade-off for living on this free land is that you will need to find places to fill your RV water reservoir or develop a rainwater collection and filtration system, dump your black water (waste) tank, and generate electricity for your needs either using generator or solar panels.

With permission, select box stores, parking areas, truck stops, pull-offs, or rest areas permit short-term, overnight RV parking.  Stores and stops sometimes include Walmart, Cabela’s, and Flying J’s, among others.  The key is to ask permission before you decide to stay overnight.  If you see no camping or no overnight parking signs, observe the rules or else you could get am early knock on your RV door to be towed.

RV Camping in National Parks, State and Local Parks

Staying in state or local parks, such as city parks, can offer a low-cost RV camping option, sometimes as low as $13-15 per night.  Such stays can sometimes include utilities, but may also be limited to dry camping, but with common areas to fill your water tank or dump your tanks. There are also some parks that will allow you to stay for free.

RV Camping Clubs

Camping clubs, such as Good Sam, Passport America, Thousand Trails, can be worth the upfront or monthly expense to join if you want to score cheap camping or keep your monthly camping site budget predictable, fixed, or low. For example, TT allows you to purchase zones, depending on where you plan to travel or camp.  With the purchase of a zone, members often get 30 days of free camping and then pay a few dollars per night after that to camp at a TT park.  The only catch with camping club memberships is that there can be restrictions and you will typically be locked into a contract.

RV Long Term Campground Stays

Willing to stay parked at the same campground for a week, month, three months, or entire season?  At many campgrounds, the longer you stay, the cheaper your per night rate becomes.  Even better, utilities are often included in monthly stays, meaning for a low monthly rent you may be able to park your RV at a great site, and get electric/water and even cable included in your rent. Sometimes you can find individuals or places offering long term RV Lot Leases or sales for deeply discounted prices.

Most Important- RV Service and Maintaining your RV

The single most important thing to consider before setting out on your RV excursion or locking down a long term location is to make sure you RV is well maintained, and your RV has been serviced on a regular basis to give you’re the peace of mind to enjoy your time in your RV with any surprise issues.

Atlantic Bus Sales is your one stop shop for all your RV Service and camper maintenance, our certified techs and RV mechanics deliver the same high-quality service as the RV dealers, but at a more affordable rates, we want to earn your RV service business so call us today!





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