5 Reasons why leasing a bus is the smart way to go.

5 Reasons why leasing a bus is the smart way to go

bus leasingOwning your own company bus may be your dream or your current requirement, but purchasing a bus with one time full payment has its disadvantages. On the other hand, bus leasing is a more financially stable and viable option to go for that decreases administrative issues. Companies with tight budget constraint can benefit from leasing a bus rather than purchasing one, as it gives them full control over the asset with minimum amount of investment and as there is no upfront payment involved, the amount saved can be reinvested. Below are few points why bus leasing from Atlantic Bus Sales can benefit your company:

Available cash flow:

Getting a bus through either owning it by your own investment or taking out a loan, require a major decision that can take a big chunk out of your pocket. The purchase can not only reduce the amount of cash flow, but reflect on your company’s balance sheet in terms of greater debt. For companies that require investors, the balance sheet can play a major role in attracting potential businesses or investors and a heavy sided debt would mean less returns for investors.

One of the most important part for any business is an availability of cash flow that can be used for reinvestment or can be used as working capital. Although a small upfront payment is needed for getting into a lease agreement with Atlantic bus sales. The lease agreement will only involve monthly expenditure, just like any other expense. The cash saved can be used again to feed the core business of your company.

Additional Savings Opportunities:

Apart from available cash flow at hand, bus lease can save money in other ways as well, such as by reducing administrative costs. In most cases, the owner of the bus that will be the lender, has to bear all documentation costs such as license renewals or taxes. So the only thing you have to do is pay a small initial amount with monthly expense and get full benefits of owning your own fleet. While the lease provider will handle all the tasks related to paper work, the business can grow and only focus on bus operations and its uses.

Lower monthly Payments:

Getting a bus by taking a loan may be an option for some businesses, but in the long run they will pay as much as twice the cost of a bus. Shuttle bus leasing will provide you to pay the bus depreciation over the life of a lease agreement. On the other hand purchasing a brand new bus will include payments such as permits, taxes and other associated fees. At Atlantis Bus Sales, we offer buses that are well maintained and guaranteed to last without any frequent visit to bus repair shops.

GAP Protection:

Guaranteed asset protection or GAP insurance provides an ease of mind while choosing leasing as your method of buying a bus. GAP protection ensures your initial investment by covering the remaining amount in case of damage or theft of a leased bus. This is an important benefit, as small businesses cannot take any risk of damage or theft that might put a hole in their balance sheet. Bus leasing through Atlantic bus sales can provide you with this option.

Offers Flexibility:

Considering a lease option to buy a bus, can give you more flexibility compared with a one off purchase through your own money or through a loan. When purchasing a bus, you might face some issues later down the road and eventually you will have to make a decision to either sell it or trade in. however, through a bus lease, you have two option to go for at the end of a lease. You can either purchase the bus for it residual value, or make another agreement for a new bus. The possibility in terms of savings are endless.

 leasing a bus

Why Choose Atlantic Bus Sale for your bus lease and bus repair shop?

ABS started back in 1986 and since then grown to an incredible extent. We started off as a distributing and marketing agent for a bus corporation based in California and now have our own fleet of buses for lease.

Whatever your reason for going for a lease option, Atlantic bus sales can over compensate it. We believe putting hard work in getting you the best bus lease you can get in town. This is only possible through our state of the art and trained customer service personnel’s that have a drive to put your worries at ease while we do the hard work.

At ABS, we believe that every company is different in terms of their requirements. That is why we are always up for developing customized plans that fit your company’s need.

At Atlantic Bus Sales, there is no shortage in choosing your ideal bus. We have hundreds of buses to choose, ranging from ADA buses to passenger vans. Click here to see our huge range of collection, all available with just few clicks of a button.  With the amount of inventory we have, we are confident that you can get a bus of your choice, with extremely flexible terms and conditions.

ABS believe in  complete customer satisfaction and that is why we are one of the few in business that own a bus repair shop, to handle any issues immediately that may occur after your purchase. National bus sales and leasing only believes in dealing with businesses rather than individuals to provide a business package that can be customized.


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