Paratransit Service Overview: What is It?

Paratransit Service Overview: What is It?

Paratransit Service VehicleParatransit service is an essential form of transportation for any city, but if you are new to this concept, you most likely have no idea what it is, or even how to go about making sure yours is properly equipped. First of all, a Paratransit operation is a transportation system that stands apart from a typical transit operation, in addition to what would be considered routed services. Carpools, bus systems etc, can all be considered separate from paratransit, and it is often utilized for transporting certain demographics. For example, you could be transporting senior citizens who need to visit the grocery store, or you could be transporting individuals who need to reach certain medical appointments. Then again, the system could simply be used by disabled individuals who have no other transportation options.

Paratransit systems can be used by cities alongside their existing transportation system, or they can be deployed by private companies. Regardless of which one you are, there are certain requirements your vehicles need to meet, especially if you are planning to transport disabled or elderly individuals.

Requirements of a Paratransit Service Vehicle

Your vehicles will need to meet a multitude of requirements in order to be considered road worthy for the paratransit industry, so consider the following:

Easy Entry – It all depends on the type of paratransit vehicle service you are running, but you need to make sure it has easy access for individuals in distress, and the interior must be comfortable for those who may be suffering from chronic pain. When it comes to easy entry, having a vehicle that utilizes an external set of steps would be beneficial, and the rear could also make use of a hydraulic wheelchair lift to make the service is inclusive of everyone.

Always on the Go – As you can imagine, your vehicles will always be on the go, and they will always be in need of repair. The idea is to obtain a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that are constantly on the move and can withstand the rigors of the road, whether they are faced with in-town driving or country driving. This is where you need to concentrate on the availability of parts and service for your paratransit vehicles, and make sure that you’re not only getting the right parts, but the best quality as well. Paratransit bus repair can definitely come in handy here!

Safety – All vehicles on the road need to meet rigorous standards, but this goes double for paratransit vehicles. Remember, you will be transporting individuals with disabilities, which means you need to equip the vehicle with safety measures such as seat belts, and securing options for wheelchairs in the back, assuming you choose to go with a wheelchair lift or ramp. With the right bus service, you will have all of this, and more.

Going with the Best in the Paratransit Bus Sales Industry

Paratransit Bus SalesHow important is it to make sure that you have chosen the right company to provide not only your transit vehicles, but also the multitude of repairs that they will deal with in the coming days, months, and years? As we said in the preceding bullet points, these vehicles will be facing far more than the average car or truck, and on top of it all, they will be transporting people. They won’t be transporting just any people; they will be transporting people with special needs – people who trust you with their best interest and most importantly their lives.

That being said you need a company that has been in the business for the past thirty years, and a company that is willing to answer any question that you might have regarding their bus service. When you buy from an established company, like Atlantic Bus, you are buying more than just four wheels and an engine – you are placing an investment in the future, and it’s a great choice.

Your choices are definitely not few when it comes to obtaining bus or shuttle for paratransit purposes. As stated before, you need to make sure you have a vehicle that can handle all the hours on the road, but you also need to determine whether you want to buy your vehicles, or simply lease them. Remember, leasing gives you more replacement options for your vehicle, but buying them outright? That gives you a solution you can use for years to come, without the hassle of monthly payments. As always, however, it is up to you, and you may find that paratransit service vehicles are just what your company needed.


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