Why A Non CDL Bus Makes Sense For Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Why A Non CDL Bus Makes Sense For Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Just because your small business, non-profit organization or house of worship needs to get people from point A to point B doesn’t mean that you need to bear the expense and the complications involved in buying a full sized bus, which requires a CDL to operate. In fact, unless you regularly need to transport large groups, you’re better off with a non-CDL bus.

How Non-CDL Buses Can Save Your Organization Money

The most important advantage of opting for a non-CDL bus over a traditional bus is the cost. Not only are non-CDL vehicles less expensive than a conventional bus in used or new bus sales, they’re a lot less expensive to operate. CDL drivers command fairly high wages. Non-CDL buses can be operated by anyone with a driver’s license. If salaries are a concern for your organization, this is especially important to remember.

The Difference with Insurance Premiums of CDL and Non-CDL Buses

Insurance premiums for CDL buses are also much higher than for a non-CDL bus. In case you haven’t taken a look at the price differential for insurance between non-CDL and CDL buses, let’s just say that it’s a substantial difference. These insurance costs can strain the budgets of small businesses or non-profits, which is another reason that non-CDL vehicles are often a better choice. Maintenance is another concern, since CDL buses cost significantly more to maintain than a non-CDL bus.

How Businesses and Organizations Use Non-CDL Buses

Then finally, there is the matter of size. Whether you’re a small to medium sized business, a church, or a non-profit which needs to transport small numbers of people or relatively light cargo, a non-CDL vehicle is definitely the way to go. Even large companies use these vehicles for practical purposes – for example, as airport shuttles to and from hotels. By choosing non-CDL, you’re in good company.

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