Meet ADA Compliance and Fulfill Transportation Needs with the 2016 Aerotech 

Meet ADA Compliance and Fulfill Transportation Needs with the 2016 Aerotech 

The ADA compliance act of 1973 has long been an obstacle for businesses to meet, particularly in the transportation industry. The latest provisions to the law were published in 2010, and it calls for all public facilities to be made available to all individuals regardless of physical condition or disability, and this is a stipulation that the transportation industry absolutely must conform to. When you’re looking into bus leasing for your organization, it is important to find something that meets these standards, and we believe that the latest entry to the Aerotech line fits the bill quite nicely. Let’s take a look at some of the features it has to offer.

Bus Leasing – A Look at the 2016 Aerotech

ElDorado NationalThere are several features that make the new Aerotech not only accessible, but absolutely amazing. First and foremost, we’d like to call attention to the 30” electric entry door. With a pair of industrial batteries situated in the stepwell, these doors open automatically, with enough clearance to allow anyone to step through and enter comfortably. This is a good start for the necessary ADA compliance.

The remainder of the compliance is extended to the rear wheelchair lift, complimented, of course, by two wheelchair spaces within the chassis (assuming you have chosen the corresponding floorplan), ensuring that your bus is truly accessible to anyone. Many customers who have bought products like these from have beautiful power wheelchairs or mobility scooters. You want to ensure they’re expensive investment is not damaged.

Moving on from the ADA compliance however, we can see that the bus features a rear door with an emergency exit decal, which is clearly visible in the event that the passengers need to exit the bus quickly.

On the Subject of Comfort

shuttle bus leasingOn any bus, comfort is a necessity, and this particular model provides 65,000 BTU’s of air conditioning power. Neither you or your passengers are going to overheat during any leg of the trip, and you can expect similar performance from the heater, though it comes in at a close second at just 45,000 BTU’s.

This shuttle bus leasing option comes with manual seat belts, which means all passengers can be secured, ensuring they will be safe during trips both long and short. During their ride, they be secure in the knowledge that their luggage is safely stowed with the Q-Straint tie-down system as they peer through the egress windows.

As you can see, the Aerotech has a lot to offer, and it certainly won’t be long before you’re using it in every facet of your everyday life. As always, you can expect it to be highly durable and most importantly, easily serviced. Atlantic Bus not only has a good selection of Aerotech buses and floorplans, but also all of the parts you’ll need to make sure it stays up and running for the foreseeable future. Bus parts, especially for the Aerotech line, are highly durable and ready to take on whatever the road throws at them. From massive pot holes all the way to bad weather conditions, you need a bus that is capable of powering through it and coming out clean on the other side. Shuttle buses, while usually only used for short distances will see their fair share of travel, and it’s up to you to make sure that yours stands the test of time.

Shuttle transportation can be used in many different businesses, from the average church, to the high end corporation, or even a busy airport terminal. As always, the bus can be tailored to your specific needs, and each floorplan still utilizes the standard bus features that keep your passengers both comfortable and ready to come back for more. Whether you’re leasing or buying, you’ve come to the right place for shuttle transportation.


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