Using MCC (Mobile Climate Control) Products

Using MCC (Mobile Climate Control) Products

Mobile Climate ControlThere is nothing more important in a transit vehicle than making sure that your passengers are comfortable. If you are running a business that relies on transit, then making sure that they are enjoying the conditions is key in ensuring that they actually return to use your service again. That being said, having good MCC (Mobile Climate Control) Products on hand is absolutely critical. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of transit options in which these climate control products can be used. They are one of the most important bus parts, and they are certainly not something that you want to miss having.

City/Transit Option

This is an outstanding roof mounted system that uses MCHX technology. It delivers top notch performance and raises the bar when it comes to heat transfer and formal performance. Overall it offers enhanced fuel consumption, enhanced reliability, and reduced life cycle costs.


This is yet another rooftop system, though specifically designed for buses that handle city travel. It is compatible with the 05G compressor as well as other industry compressors. These are long lasting products and once again, they are efficient.

School Bus

MCC provides systems compatible with school buses, and these can be either obtained through a first party manufacturer, or an aftermarket provider. There are many different system combinations, one of which is the split system, but you could also consider the rooftop or dash mounted solutions. All of these MCC bus parts feature a custom design, meaning they can be found in a plethora of different places.

This is just a small sampling of the locations and scenarios in which you might need to use the MCC HVAC system. Something to really keep in mind is that these are just as important as International bus parts and now would certainly be a great time for you to start looking into them – especially if you run a business where transit is an absolute necessity. While there are certainly some days where it might not seem relevant, but on days where it is very hot or very cold, the overall temperature within the bus can certainly change the mood of the passengers. You might be surprised at just how hot a bus can become on a summer day!

Getting it Now

The heavy duty bus parts involved in this HVAC system need to be purchased from a reputable dealer. The ability to control the climate inside the bus is outstanding, but only if governed by high quality parts, and with that being the case, you would do well to take a look at our bus parts warehouse. Not only do we have some great options, we offer warranties along with expert help to get you started. We understand that you need to get your bus back into the game as quickly as possible, and having a good parts supplier is a huge part of accomplishing that goal, so here we are.


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