Lease a Shuttle Bus for your Medical Clinic

Lease a Shuttle Bus for your Medical Clinic

Your medical clinic needs quite a few things if it’s going to successfully cater to patients or customers. You need medical equipment, you need office supplies, you need a suitable exam room or multiple exam rooms. No matter what kind of clinic you are running, however, you might want to consider using a bus service, or in this case, a Paratransit service. Before we go any further, what is a paratransit service? Is it essential to your clinic? We would actually like to think it is for a few different reasons.

First of all, it’s a transportation service and your clinic could use one of those no matter what. Secondly, a paratransit service is designed for picking up disabled or injured individuals who might otherwise have trouble making it to your clinic. For example, if you have a wheelchair bound patient then you will probably find that they cannot drive or at least they have great difficulty doing so.

Your transit service can save them and many others a great deal of trouble, and will ultimately allow you to provide a service that sets your clinic apart from many others in the area. After all, if you are able to pick your patients up from their home, then you might find that leasing a shuttle bus is the best thing that you can do.

Shuttle Bus

Make Sure You Get the Best When you Lease a Shuttle Bus for Paratransit Service

It all starts with getting the bus of course but you’re going to need to make sure that you actually do the required research. Getting the right bus is essential and it is certainly not impossible – it all starts with evaluating your needs and most importantly, making sure that you are ADA compliant. There are many things that you need to check off your list when you are looking into a good shuttle bus, whether it’s the functionality, the looks, or the potential for paratransit bus repair.

Choosing a Shuttle Bus – Go for the Looks

Okay, so one thing that you know for sure when it comes to shuttle buses is that the looks are important. You’re not buying a your own personal car, you are buying something that your paying customers are going to ride in for the foreseeable future – it absolutely needs to look good. That being said, now would be a great time to start looking into the different possibilities and making sure that the bus you choose looks as good as possible. We’re talking about the whole package; the interior, the exterior, the graphic art on the side panels. All of it will contribute to creating the ideal image for your clinic.

Choose a Configuration that Meets your Needs

The great thing about shuttle buses is that they aren’t bound to one specific configuration. With most vehicles you purchase it and you have to accept what it comes with. Shuttle buses are more of a modular design, meaning you can customize the seating configuration to meet a specific set of needs. For example if you know for certain that you are going to be transporting handicapped patients, you can choose a configuration with more room for wheelchairs at the back which will most certainly help you out in your paratransit efforts.

Checking the Warranty

Atlantic Bus SalesThe last thing that we’re going to talk about is the warranty – a shuttle bus is a serious investment and definitely not one that you want to take lightly by any stretch of the imagination. With that being the case, you want to be sure that it has a warranty and you want to be sure that you are able to invoke it. Shuttle buses do not last forever; the average service life of any shuttle bus is going to be eight to ten years and there are going to be a ton of potential problems between here and there.

That being the case, knowing where to get the best shuttle bus repairs is one of the most important parts of owning such a vehicle. Atlantic Bus Sales has been providing not only buses, but also top quality repairs for the past thirty years and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Take a look at our selection and start building your fleet today.


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