Lease a Bus to Stay on Top of the Newest Models

Lease a Bus to Stay on Top of the Newest Models

The biggest question that business owners tend to have when it comes to transportation is this: buy or lease a bus? If you need transportation in the form of a bus, then you definitely have your fair share of options, but what do you do exactly? How can you make that decision? There are a few things to consider, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to find that while they both have their merits, bus leasing can definitely be more beneficial.

Is Bus Leasing the Better Option?

Lease a BusIn order to determine whether or not bus leasing is really the better option, particularly shuttle bus leasing, we have to look at the merits of both:

Bus Ownership – On the bright side, when you own your bus there are no strings attached whatsoever. The great thing about this method is that you keep the bus for as long as you want, all the way to the end of its lifecycle. You are able and free to make any changes you like, and you may sell it once you are finished with it. The bad news, is that you have to keep it until the end of its lifecycle.

Bus LeasingIf you’ve ever considered shuttle bus leasing, then there are quite a few benefits to reap from this. The first one is that you do not own the shuttle, and with that being the case, there is usually a standard repair contract, meaning you always know where your repairs are coming from, and your dealer will always be able to handle it.

Secondly, you will be able to turn your shuttle bus back into the dealer every few years which is very helpful when there is a brand new model coming out.

Keep your Fleet up to Date

If you are like many larger businesses then there is a good chance that you don’t have just one bus, but rather an entire fleet of buses at your disposal. Your buses run all the time, every single day, and depending upon the nature of your business, you may see the bus experience wear and tear much quicker than in another. For example, if you are running a company that shuttles its employees to work regularly then yes, it’s definitely going to start to wear out faster. The same goes for shopping malls and amusement parks. There is little doubt that there are some industries that will bring a bus to its knees faster than others, and with that being the case, you have to be very conscious of what you are investing in.

Everyone in this industry knows that the average lifespan of a shuttle bus is somewhere around ten years, give or take, depending on the circumstance. Those ten years will not necessarily be pretty, though that all depends heavily upon the amount of use that your vehicles are going to be seeing. You will have passengers embarking and disembarking on a regular basis, which means you’ll have to be quite mindful of keeping your interior as clean as possible. Constant disinfection and scrubbing of surfaces will extend the life of your vehicle, though that can only go so far.

Atlantic Bus – Your Solution for Keeping your Ride up to Date

Bus LeasingIt’s time for you to decide how you want to go about getting your bus, whether it’s full ownership or a short time lease. Don’t worry, we can definitely help you, and we’re going to give you the options you need to make your fleet a complete success.

Atlantic Bus Sales has thirty years of experience under its belt, and as you would expect, we offer the best possible parts and service to anyone that needs it. Now would be a great time for you to give us a call and get your bus leasing underway.

Before you know it, you’re going to have a great collection of leased vehicles that you can use to transport your employees, visitors, guests, or even equipment if you wish. There is a world of possibilities out there and a shuttle bus to meet every single one of your needs if you look hard enough. Give us a call today and start discussing your leasing options!


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