Introducing the Turtle Top VT3 – The Latest and Greatest in Shuttle Transit

Introducing the Turtle Top VT3 – The Latest and Greatest in Shuttle Transit

We’ve come to expect the best from Turtle Top when it comes to bus leasing, among other things, and they certainly haven’t disappointed this time. The VT3 just rolled off the line and its beautiful inside and out. Within the passenger area we can see a beautiful seating arrangement that will be configurable to the owner’s needs. In addition to that it features a skylight, and a floor length of 176”. This thing beats public transportation any day, and is built on the highly durable, highly praised Ford Transit S8P. Additionally, you will find that the interior height is 75”, leaving more than ample headroom for your passengers. Along with being able to support them, the entrance is easy to past through at a full 30”, and a Ground to 1st Step of 9”, ensuring that it is very easy and safe for passengers to both embark and disembark.

If you are considering a shuttle bus leasing plan with the VT3, you will have a full set of floor plans, each of which is going to provide you with a different level of functionality. Let’s take a look at a few of them, and give you an idea of what the VT3 is bringing to the table.

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This is one of the most popular floor plans, especially if you plan to travel with your vehicle a lot. It is also a favorite for airports and train stations – companies that absolutely need to haul luggage. For this reason, the floorplan cuts down the passenger capacity to just 14 with a co-pilot seat and luggage/cargo storage areas.


Once again we have a floor plan based on the sturdy, reliable Ford Transit S8P, though this time the floorplan does not include the luggage area. For short term rides this will be absolutely perfect, hauling 17 passengers and a co-pilot. This floorplan will be outstanding for those who need to carpool, and is also great for company outings. It’s a solid shuttle bus leasing option, and one that you’re going to enjoy for years to come.


Here we reduce the number of passengers carried again to just fifteen, though keeping the same overall length. Additionally, it features a luggage/cargo area, so once again it is great for long road trips.


The Fort Transit S8P is back at it again with 15 passengers and more room. The one thing this floor plan does lack is the cargo area, but for certain applications, it is perfect.

The Bus Leasing Option You Need

Turtle TopShuttle buses are much smaller than standard transit vehicles and are often great for car pooling, long trips, or simple transit between buildings on a company campus. One of the other popular uses for these buses is in an assisted living facility where residents are in constant need of shuttling to various destinations. This can include the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and perhaps even to visit relatives on the holiday. There are plenty of scenarios where this type of bus will be useful, and you can trust Turtle Top to deliver a high quality experience.

In addition to providing you and your company with one of the best shuttle buses in the industry, Turtle Tops stands by their product by offering their standard Vehicle Modifier’s Warranty. You also have access to the Turtle Top Warranty Service center, which is a great supplement to the authorized repair centers that you will find all over the United States. In other words, bus repair shops are definitely not in short supply!

The lack of a need for a commercial driver’s means that anyone in your organization will be qualified to drive the VT3, which is an immediate cash saver. If you have ever priced any of the CDL classes, even in your local area, you’ve probably found that they are prohibitively expensive, and paying for all of your drivers to attend? That would be a nightmare. The VT3, a brand new addition to the Turtle Top lineup fixes that problem and addresses several more in your industry. Start looking at the available options now and decide what would work best for your company. There are tons of layouts, and only one decision to make.



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