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Buses are much different from your average everyday car, and to be perfectly honest, you want them to be! Buses need to be different, especially today. Intermotive parts has long been providing some of the most advanced and useful bus systems on the market. There is far more to a bus than an internal combustion engine and a few seats. Something important to remember is that when you board a bus, you are protected by a number of systems, all of which are designed for a different purpose. Let’s take a lok at a few of them.

Typical Systems from Intermotive Parts

Intermotive PartsThe following are a few of the systems that you can find in our extensive bus parts warehouse: Advanced Fast Idle System: The majority of vehicles on the market only idle at a single speed, and the same would be true for your bus fleet if not for the advanced fast idle system. This is one of the most essential bus parts as it allows the system to idle at three different speeds, and by extension, allows the battery to handle superior loads. Eco Star: Using a state of the art sensor, it is able to turn the engine on and off during specific conditions. In addition to that, it will also meet idle-reduction standards. Flex-Tech: This load control system will keep your electrical system under control. It comes with a PRPC, switchbacker, and an expansion board. Gateway: This feature is a safety measure designed to keep the vehicle from moving if a lift is in operation, such as in the case of a handicap assistance vehicle. Note that this is not applicable for all transit vehicles. Additionally, it monitors RPM to maintain power in varying load conditions. Pre-Trip Module: During the startup routine, a pre-trip inspection is always important, and this module will activate all of the lights on the vehicle in sequence to ensure that only one person is needed to perform the pre-trip inspection. Programmable Relay Power Center: This is more of a customizable macro type system that allows you to create your own custom relays. These can either be latched, flashing, or timed.

What you Need, When you Need It

We know that when you need heavy duty bus parts, you need them right now. Your fleet is necessary for your work, and you simply cannot wait. The simple solution is to trust a company that can get the job done, and will be able to provide you with the best parts the industry has to offer. The same bus parts warehouse that has brought you the best in Thomas bus parts and International bus parts can easily help you to ensure that your vehicles are properly equipped and ready to face the rigors of everyday transit life. Don’t worry, once you start using our warehouse, you’ll never run into any supply problems again, we can guarantee that completely.  

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