Install COVID19 Driver Protection Sytems in Florida

Install COVID19 Driver Protection Sytems in Florida

With Coronavirus cases spreading rapidly throughout the United States, it’s now more important than ever to use protective measures. Face masks have been recommended throughout Florida and are a requirement at many private businesses. When it comes to transportation, enclosed vehicle interiors require effective COVID19 driver protection systems.

At Atlantic Bus Sales, we have developed innovative solutions to keep both passengers and drivers safe. Our COVID19 driver protection barriers are ideal for the public and private sectors.

COVID19 driver protection

COVID19 Driver Protection Systems Can Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus

Public bus drivers and private charter bus drivers are at increased risk of contracting the Coronavirus through person to person transmission.

According to health experts, the virus is most commonly transmitted by:

  • Surface Transmission: Surfaces that are contaminated by aerosols or infected droplets can transfer the Coronavirus from person to person. In a bus environment, infected surfaces can be touched by drivers and passengers, who then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth, allowing the virus to infect the body. Our physical COVID19 driver protection systems can drastically reduce the risk of surface transmission, as drivers will be separated from passengers and the surfaces that they touch.
  • Airborne Transmission: The novel Coronavirus can live in the air for up to three hours. Any time that a person speaks, coughs, or breathes, it’s possible to shed infected aerosols from the lungs. Contamination can occur simply from breathing infected air or exposing the eyes or the nose. Our physical barriers significantly reduce the risk of airborne infection. Enclosed environments like buses are particularly dangerous when considering infected particles in the air, so an efficient COVID19 driver protection system is essential.
  • Droplets: Droplets both large and small can contain the Coronavirus. Sneezing and coughing come with a high risk of transmission, but even talking or breathing next to someone who is infected is also risky. Bus drivers interact with passengers face to face. Barriers prevent droplets from reaching the driver. If you want to keep your staff protected, it’s important to invest in clear plastic barriers for your single bus or an entire fleet.

Our barriers are custom-fabricated to fit your unique bus design and driver position. They don’t inhibit visibility and they are safe and approved for use.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the closer people are, and the longer they spend in close proximity, the higher the risk is of transmitting COVID19.

With our physical COVID19 driver protection solutions, we can help your organization to ensure that both drivers and passengers are separated from each other, effectively limiting the spread of the virus.

Bus Cleaning and Sanitizing Services

COVID19 driver protection system

In addition to our installable COVID19 driver protection and passenger protection systems, we can also assist your organization with a reliable cleaning and sanitizing service. We clean buses and other commercial vehicles thoroughly to ensure that they are safe and free of contamination.

If you offer a chartered service, bus rental, or any other service where a rotation of people spends time in the vehicle, you must take preventative measures. Surface cleaning, vent cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and filter cleaning are all offered. You can combine COVID19 driver protection and COVID19 passenger protection solutions with your regular maintenance schedule.

We use the most effective cleaning products that are proven to kill the Coronavirus and a range of other germs. We can clean all surfaces, including plastics, metals, glass, and even upholstery.

Talk to us today and we’ll take the time to learn about your needs and develop a system that works. We are ready to service large fleets with regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as individual vehicles intended for private business use.

We can help you to get through the health crisis and limit community transmission of the Coronavirus. Talk to the experts at Atlantic Bus Sales today.

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