How to provide the Best Bus Service

How to Provide the Best Bus Service

If you have decided that running a bus or shuttle service is in your future, of if you are interested in improving your business, there are a few things you should be doing that will help. Having a good business model with clear-cut goals will help ensure you keep a steady flow of clients. Being smart about shuttle bus repair, service areas and scheduling will help you keep more of the money you make.

Operating a shuttle service is an excellent way to provide a service and it can be a profitable business as more people are trying to save money on gas and insurance by choosing alternative travel options.

Understand your shuttle bus market

Best Bus ServiceOne of the most profitable thing you can do for your company is to research and understand your market.  Understand what type of customer will most likely want to use your business. This will help you determine a fair price as well as the amenities your potential clients are going to want. One of the best ways to analyze the market is to study a regional map and determine where you are most likely to get the most business. Keep an eye out for airports, bus stations and other transportation hubs that will be a major source of business.

Additionally, check out your competitors and try to cover what they are not covering. Find areas that seem largely neglected by shuttle services and consider filling the gap. Do not forget to plan your hub near an ASA bus repair and service to ensure that you have easier access to repair services in the event of an emergency.

Be specific about your service area

Depending on the major metropolitan area near your business, you may have to narrow down your service area. Larger service areas may mean more customers, but it can result in more expenses for gas prices, longer hours and more wear and tear on your shuttle bus. If you are just starting, consider starting a little smaller and expanding as you gain a more loyal customer base. This will allow you to expand at a healthy rate, and it will help protect your business from spending more than you make.

Choosing the right service area will affect the type of customers you see and how much business you get. However, your choice in service area will also have a direct physical impact on your vehicles. Most vehicles get better gas mileage on freeways. Rough roads, construction and debris can all put your vehicles at risk. Having Sprinter Van repair and service on retainer can help ensure that your shuttle buses are repaired and back on the road quickly, not matter what your travels bring.

ASA bus repair provides reliable service so you can keep your business rolling.

Create a convenient schedule

Scheduling your bus times can be a little tricky. You do not want to pay a driver for working unpopular hours, but you do not want to leave potential passengers stranded with no other option but a Taxi or your competition either.

Consider seasonal scheduling. This will allow you to add in hours during particularly busy seasons (summer, holidays etc.) and reduce hours when there are fewer people traveling. You have several options regarding travel schedules: You can allow clients to book a private shuttle, which allows you to take off-hour bookings when they come in, and/or you can accept group bookings. You should have set destinations to avoid adding stops and costs onto your overhead expenses. However, some companies allow individuals to add a personalized stop for an extra fee.

Provide Paratransit options

Providing Paratransit services is an excellent way to bring in more income and help a largely overlooked customer base when it comes to traveling. Many local residents could use assistance getting from their home to the grocery store or other destinations around town. This type of business allows you to build up a loyal customer base and allows drivers to become familiar with their clients, which builds better customer service.

These type of shuttle buses can be a little more expensive to maintain because of the specialized ramps. They are usually set up a bit differently to allow for wheel chair access. Properly maintaining these types of shuttle buses is essential. Choosing the best Paratransit bus repair and service will keep your costs lower. Paratransit service and repair will ensure that your customers are safe and comfortable as you shuttle them around town.

Maintain your buses

bus repairsYour shuttle bus is your business. If you do not properly maintain your buses, you will not be able to do business. You could risk alienating customers and lose business if your shuttles are notoriously unreliable.

As with all vehicles, you should properly maintain your shuttle buses to avoid or reduce the risk of bus repairs. Shuttles need special care because they are on the road more frequently, and for longer, than most passenger vehicles. Here are a few things to remember about maintaining your shuttles:

  • Have an oil change every three months or sooner if you go more than 5,000 miles in that same period.
  • Frequently rotate your tires and replace tires as needed. If the tread on the tires flattens too much, you could risk a blown tire or slipping on icy or rainy roads.
  • Maintain heating/cooling systems. Customers want to be comfortable.
  • Have any disability functions inspected at least once a year to ensure the safest possible transportation for your customers

Whether you need a church bus repair or regular maintenance for your shuttle bus, we can help. Call us today.


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