How Long Does a Shuttle Bus Last?

How Long Does a Shuttle Bus Last?

How important is it to have a shuttle bus for your business? Definitely more important than you are thinking. The thing that you need to understand here, is that all businesses are going to need some form of transportation, and a shuttle bus is likely the least expensive way to do it. You need to transport a lot of people, and you need to do it within a reasonable amount of time while using as few resources as possible.

As you can see, you have quite a few things to think about and you need to make absolutely certain that the shuttle bus you choose is up to the task. Now that this has been brought up however, we find ourselves at this very important question: How long does a shuttle bus last? Before we can really answer that, there are a few things that we will need to clear up first.

Shuttle Bus

When you Find a Shuttle Bus for Sale, How Long will it Survive?

The life of a shuttle bus is going to depend on a few very important factors. If you want us to give you an outright round number, then we would say it will last anywhere between eight to ten years so long as certain procedures are followed. Let’s talk about what you need to do to keep your bus running for the foreseeable future.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

No matter how well you take care of your shuttle bus it’s going to need maintenance from time to time and it’s not that hard to provide. You don’t want to buy standard car parts for your bus of course, so you will have to go to a specialty provider, which in this case would be Atlantic Bus Sales.

You can trust us when we say we know what we’re doing; we’ve been in this business for the past thirty years and our staff are highly experienced in all things bus related. When you need repairs and maintenance, you need to make sure that you are going to the best, and the best is right here.

It’s  a 24/7 Endeavor

shuttle bus for saleOne of the hardest things for buyers to understand is that they are not in fact purchasing a personal vehicle. When you buy a car for yourself, you drive it to your destination, turn it off, and get out. Now imagine how much damage your car would take if it were in fact running all the time. That is precisely what you get when you are dealing with shuttle buses! One example would be running shuttle buses at an airport. Airports get traffic at any time of day, and for that reason shuttle buses are never shut down unless maintenance is being performed. They are under constant stress, and we’re not just talking about the engine – you also have to consider the interior.

Inside the bus you’re going to have all sorts of foot traffic, to put it mildly. You will have many different people walking in, sitting down, using the amenities you have, and no matter how clean you keep that interior, it’s going to become either extremely dirty or outright destroyed over the course of eight years. Even if the engine still runs perfectly, you will eventually need to make sure that you have the interior gutted and rebuild – it’s sanitary and it’s simply better for your customers.

Keeping your bus in working order might not be simple over the course of the next eight years, but at the very least it’s not something that you will have to be particularly worried about so long as you have a good cleaning service for the interior and a top quality maintenance crew for the rest. It’s time to stop worrying and start driving.

Atlantic Bus Sales has been in the business for the last thirty years and has in fact been providing high quality service for its customers whether we are talking about a shuttle bus for sale that will be carrying just a few passengers back and forth, or something much bigger that will become the heartbeat of your entire operation.


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