How Important are COVID19 Passenger Protection Systems?

How Important are COVID19 Passenger Protection Systems?

The Coronavirus Pandemic is one of the most significant health and economic challenges that America has faced. In Florida alone, more than 500,000 cases have been reported with almost 9000 deaths. The statistics are tragic, and they illustrate a need for all areas of the community, including businesses, to take part in limiting the spread of COVID19.

For public and private bus operators, COVID19 passenger protection systems offer a frontline defense. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we have developed solutions so that you can protect your passengers and the reputation of your organization.

COVID19 Passenger Protection Can Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus

COVID19 driver protection

The virus can spread quickly in enclosed spaces, creating a high-risk environment in public and private buses. Whether you charter passengers for tourism and events, or if you offer regular routes to the public, it’s important that you take adequate precautions.

COVID19 can be transmitted through droplets released when people are coughing, breathing, and talking. Masks can help to limit transmission but there’s sadly no solution that is 100% effective. For peace of mind, you need more than the bare minimum in your buses.

Our COVID19 passenger protection systems are physical barriers that can be placed between seats to prevent the spread of droplets and aerosols. Combined with passengers who are social distancing and wearing masks, the risk of transmitting the Coronavirus is greatly reduced.

We use high-quality plastics that offer maximum visibility. They are designed to last and can be cleaned between bus services. Plastic dividers can be placed between every row of seats on a bus, and we also offer COVID19 driver protection barriers as well.

Combined with effective sanitization measures, passengers will be protected. Physical barriers also offer peace of mind as people will see clearly that you are taking steps to preserve their good health. This could reflect well on your brand, improving public trust, and potentially boosting your bottom line.

Our COVID19 passenger protection systems are safe and approved for transportation.

Sanitization Services Combined with Our COVID19 Passenger Protection Systems

covid19 decontamination

Physical barriers are highly effective, but they need to be frequently cleaned to remove contaminated droplets from surfaces. As a full-service bus and RV maintenance company, we also offer a COVID19 cleaning service to improve the efficacy of your COVID19 passenger protection solutions.

We can sanitize your buses on-demand, or to a regular schedule. If you are frequently picking up and dropping off different groups of passengers, then sanitization will be essential.

We clean and disinfect all surfaces, including plastics, metals, glass, floors, and even upholstery. For chartered services, it’s recommended that you sanitize between each group. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize cost and downtime.

In addition to surface cleaning, we can also maintain your climate system to keep filters, ducts, and vents clean. This can improve overall air quality while reducing the risk of aerosols being circulated around a bus interior.

Beyond our COVID19 passenger protection systems, we can also provide all routine maintenance services and repairs to keep your single bus or entire fleet running smoothly. We service buses and RVs covering everything from engine maintenance and inspections, to service of your suspension, brakes, and drivetrain.

Talk to the Best Bus Maintenance Experts for COVID19 Passenger Protection

We’re all adapting to the “new normal” in Florida. We have customized our services to offer the best COVID19 passenger protection solutions in the state.

Talk to us now to find out how we can develop custom solutions to keep your passengers safe and your brand reputation protected.

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