Some Essentials to keep in mind for a good bus repair shop

Some Essentials To Keep In Mind For a Good Bus Repair Shop

Bus RepairWhether you have a mini, party, shuttle or luxury bus, it is for sure that at some point in time, it will require maintenance and repair. Repair and maintenance does not mean that it was misused but it is an essential part to maintain to keep the vehicle up to states standard.  Buses play an important part in our everyday lives. For some people it can be used for daily transportation and for some they may use it for luxury travel.

Maintaining a bus is different from maintaining your personal sedan. There are few requirements for a shuttle bus repair. The most important thing you must look out for in a repair shop, is its reputation in the market. The people working should be experienced in their field with an excellent safety and repair track record. Below are some points to look for while choosing a good bus repair service near you:

Ability to provide bus modification and repair:

Any bus repair center you wish to go for must be able to perform customized modifications and repair to your bus. Some companies require upgrades according to their requirements. Especially those companies that are in the luxury tour business may require specific modifications. Atlantic bus sales and repair provide both modifications, repair and upgrades for various types of buses such as church bus, tour bus, sprinter bus or vans and ASA bus repair and service.

Renovation and Refurbishment:

Even if your personal or company bus is running up to state’s rules and regulation, there comes a time where it will require some renovation to keep it up to date with the latest technology. Whether it is an installation of an internal equipment or just as simple as a paint job, the workshop should be equipped with all the modern tools and technologies to provide any kind of renovation that the client requires.

Bus repair and service:

Accidents can happen, but getting the bus back to its working conditions like it used too before is a daunting task that most of the repair shops fail to perform. Bringing back the bus to its right position involves the use of good tools and spare parts that most of the workshops lack. Always choose a bus repair shop that has all the basic essentials, experienced staff and the ability to arrange bus parts if necessary. Another thing that you must consider is the time it will take to repair a bus. Quick repair will mean that the bus can be in working condition and the business can be brought to its normal working order.

Availability of Bus spare parts:

Most of the repair shops do not have their own warehouse or a storage to store spare parts. The delay in getting the spare parts from dealership or any other shop will result in delay of your bus getting back to road. Your business will suffer each day the bus stays at a workshop. The bus repair shop should not only keep new spare parts but also store used bus spare parts as most of the owner prefer using used ones, as it is cost effective solution.

bus repair shop

What kinds of bus repair service Atlantic Bus Sales has to offer?

At Atlantic bus sales, our team of experts are ready to work on any kind of project relating to your bus. We not only have specialized equipment’s but have a wide range of new and used spare parts that are at your disposal. Below are some of the types of services we currently provide that has made us market leaders in our industry:

Yearly Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is a requirement for any kind of bus that may or may not be in use. This kind of maintenance increases the overall life of your bus and prevents any sudden breakdowns or malfunctions. Atlantic bus Sales is a one stop solution as we take care of bus repairs, service and spare parts. Our team starts off with full inspection to make sure everything is in working condition. This may include services like, oil or plugs replacement, tire replacement or engine overhauling.

Body Work and Maintenance:

Whether it is due to a bad weather conditions, rough driving or an accident, all buses require body work after some time on the road. Not only to keep up to states standards but to attract customers, a good vehicle body expresses itself. The bus should look good if you are in a luxury tourist business where the bus’s body matters a lot.  At ASA bus repair, we offer custom body work and repair that brings back the original life of an old paint job.

Ability to claim dealership Warranty:

ASA bus repair has many contracts with different manufacturers so that you can claim your bus warranty with us. With all the modern tools and computers on board, we are a certified bus repair shop and guarantee our work that is backed by positive reviews. There is no need to take your vehicle to the dealer and wait several days for the job, just bring the vehicle to our workshop and we will take care of the rest.

Bus Tire and Brakes Replacement:

Tires and brakes both have an expiry and need to be replaced after some time of use. A bad tire or break may result in an accident. ASA bus repair and service will check and replace your old tires and brakes with an all-wheel alignment to make sure the car does not drag on roads.

Atlantic Bus Sales work on a philosophy to provide a one stop solution to make it easier for our clients to repair or service their bus with low waiting time. To learn more about how we are different from other companies in the market, click here to get an insight on our processes and work ethics.

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