Four Questions to Ask When Getting a Used Bus for Sale

Four Questions to Ask When Getting a Used Bus for Sale

Used Bus for Sale

If it’s time to look for a used bus for sale, whether it’s for a business or a community organization, you’re going to need to ask some specific questions to ensure that you get the best bus for your needs, at the right price. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we can provide you with expert assistance to find the perfect vehicle, but even before you come and visit us, you should familiarize yourself with these four important questions that will help you in your search.

What Features / Amenities Does the Bus Have?

Any time that you are looking for a used bus for sale, you need to be sure that it is fit for your purposes. Whether you want a church bus, or a commercial bus that will be offered for hire, there are various features and amenities that could make a bus suitable or unsuitable for you. For example, some buses are designed for short shuttle services, and will be lacking when it comes to storage for luggage. If you’re carrying large groups over long distances, then you’ll need suitable luggage compartment space.

You may wish to have additional comfort features, such as air conditioning vents at individual seats, integrated televisions in the headrests or located on the center aisle, or you may even need to have a restroom on your bus. Keep all of these in mind, and always ask about the features that you need when you are talking to one of our bus sales representatives.

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What Kind of Engine Does the Bus Run?

There are a number of different engine types that come on modern buses. In addition to the standard diesel and gasoline engines, some buses now use hybrid engines with electrical systems, and there are even some options that use only an electric motor. The type of engine will determine the range of a bus and its serviceability. Long distance routes will not be suitable for electric buses, simply because there will often be no available facilities to charge the bus along the route. Even if these facilities were available, it can take hours to provide a full charge, even for a relatively small shuttle bus.

Our bus sales experts will be able to advise the best type of engine or electrical system, and show you the options that are available with any particular used bus for sale.

Does the Bus Come with a Service History?

At Atlantic Bus Sales, we don’t just sell high quality buses, but we also service and upgrade buses. We know how important it is to have a comprehensive history of service and upgrades that have been performed on a bus. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any records that you need, even before you complete the purchase of one of our used buses. Not only will we be able to tell you about the work that has been performed on the bus in the past, but we’ll also be able to provide details of our full inspection, providing you with peace of mind regarding your potential purchase.

How Many Passengers Has a Used Bus for Sale Been Designed For?

Used Bus for SaleTo ensure that you get the right bus, you’ll need to know how many passengers you intend to carry. There are three separate categories when it comes to buses.

The first is the small bus category. These vehicles are designed to carry up to 15 people, including the driver of the bus. When you operate one of these buses, you won’t need any special commercial driver licensing.

The next category is known as the medium bus category, and covers vehicles that have been designed for 16 to 30 passengers. Again, this number includes the driver. This size bus is perfect for church groups, school services, or other commercial bus services where you will be carrying a large group of passengers.

Finally, there’s the large bus category. Buses in this category are designed to carry 31 or more passengers and the driver. This kind of bus is perfect for larger groups and long distance services. Because of the size of these buses, it can be easy to incorporate additional features and amenities.

It’s a good idea to perform some business case scenarios before you start looking for a used bus for sale, as this will allow you to have a clear idea of the bus category that you need to look for.

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