Does Your Company Need to Buy a Used Bus?

Does Your Company Need to Buy a Used Bus?

Owning your own bus for touring or shuttle services can be a huge benefit. Whether you’re a hotel owner or operator, or even if you run a large club or sports team, a bus can allow you to provide additional services or make it to events in the most cost effective and efficient way. If you want to streamline your costs without sacrificing the quality of the bus that you’re getting, then you should consider used buses for sale in the Florida area.

If you’re near Pompano Beach, then your best option will be Atlantic Bus Sales. We’re the region’s leading used bus provider, and there are a number of ways that our inventory can benefit your company.

Provide Extra Convenience for Your Clients with a Mini Bus for Sale

Even a small sized bus will be able to give your company or organization an edge over the competition. If you have a hotel or even if you’re an event organizer, then you could buy a used mini bus to provide extra convenience to your clients. Imagine being able to pick your customers up directly from the airport, taking them to a hotel or directly to a conference center. For VIP guests or overseas travelers, this extra convenience will be appreciated, particularly if they’re unfamiliar with area. You can provide transportation as a complimentary service, or you could incorporate it into the cost of your regular services or on the contract that you’ve signed with your clients. Any way you look at it, offering a shuttle bus service is going to allow you to stand out, and it could increase your customer loyalty and lead to increased referrals and ongoing business.

A Used Tour Bus for Sale Would Be Great for a Sports Team or Special Interest Group

Atlantic Bus SalesOperating a larger bus can be a good idea for sports teams and other large groups. The logistics of moving a team or group around can be daunting, even when you’re only traveling around Florida. If you are going out of state, then there’s going to be even more incentive to buy a used bus. You could cut down on costs when compared to chartering a bus service, and this will be particularly beneficial if your organization is travelling regularly.

Even for religious groups, a church bus for sale can allow you to provide a convenient service to your parish group. For seniors and disabled who might not have easy means of transportation, you could buy a used bus and make it easier for them to be included in regular church activities. You can purchase a used bus with all of the amenities that you need, including special access systems for disabled and mobility impaired people.

Is it Risky to Buy a Used Bus?

Used BusThere are times when purchasing a used car or bus could mean that you were taking on a fair amount of risk. This is particularly true when you are purchasing from a private individual. It’s not the fact that someone might intentionally deceive you about the quality or current state of a vehicle, but rather that they might not have the expertise to tell you all of the necessary details about what you are purchasing.

The best way to buy a used bus is from a licensed dealer, which is one of the many reasons why you should choose Atlantic Bus Sales for any of your used purchases. All of our buses, no matter the size or age, are put through a stringent quality inspection process, and we make sure that all of our vehicles are in road worthy condition, and that they meet Department of Transportation standards. You can rest assured that your used bus will be in top mechanical condition, that it will be safe, and that it will be well suited to your needs.

Because you’ll be able to talk to trained sales staff, we’ll be able to make the best recommendation based on your intended use for the bus. Whether you want a luxury tour bus for sale, or a small shuttle bus for sale, we can provide a range of options for you to choose from. We also offer regular servicing and can perform any repairs that you need in the future, and we can even provide customization on our used buses.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to save thousands when compared to the cost of purchasing a new bus, while still knowing that you’ll get the best quality on the market. Talk to us today about any of our used buses for sale, or come and visit us to take a look at our current inventory. We’re conveniently located in Pompano Beach, and are one of the most trusted dealers and bus repair shops in the Florida region.


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