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diamond coach buses

Diamond Coach buses for sale

In any city, finding the right transportation options can be a matter of great difficulty, but as luck would have it, DC is able to provide some of the best transportation options in the industry. With many years of experience under their belt, it should come as no surprise to anyone that DC is able to deliver on many of the promises that other companies tend to fall short on when it comes to providing the best ride.


DC’s Values

DC values the customer and their safety above all else with some of the more important values including:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • After-Purchase Care
  • Comfort

When you are buying bus, you are purchasing far more than just a vehicle to get people from place to place; you are buying a mode of transportation that is tasked with keeping riders safe, and you are in a way putting their lives in your hands. That, in itself, can be a huge responsibility. That being said, you want to go all out when it comes to purchasing your bus whether you are buying new or used. You want a bus that can get your passengers to their destination safely, and you want to make sure that they get there as comfortably as possible.
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Other Considerations

Apart from the ride, you need to make sure that your vehicle will continue to function long after the initial purpose. A good parts warranty from a company that is able to obtain those hard to find pieces will go a long way toward ensuring you safety, security, and most importantly, a ride that continues for decades to come. DC is ready to stand with you.
You Can Count on Us to Be There for You If You Are on the Market for New Diamond Coach Buses For Sale

Whenever you call us, we know you will be able to see the difference, especially when you are in the market to purchase a used or new Diamond coach bus. You will always be in good hands. Every agent you talk to will take care of you as if you were family and we know our customers can tell the difference. We are not here to rip you off, and the sale is not our priority.

Diamond Coach buses for sale

Our priority is always to make sure you experience the highest level of satisfaction in your search for any new or used tour bus for sale. This means carefully screening any incoming buses to look for any defects before they become a problem. Don’t miss out on affordable prices combined with first-class customer service. Call Atlantic Bus Sales today.

Get the Parts You Need For Used Diamond Coach Buses!

When looking for a bus parts warehouse for parts for your used diamond coach buses, look no further than Atlantic Bus Sales in Florida. We have a wide variety of parts to do the routine maintenance and repairs on all your buses. These routine maintenance or repair items are as follows:
• Warranty Repairs
• Engine Repairs
• Collision Work and Modifications
• Bus Air Conditioning Repairs
• Electrical Repairs
• Bus Brake and Chassis Repairs
• Bus Transmission Repairs
• Bus Tire Replacement
• Front End Alignments
• Custom interior
• Wheel Chair Lift Repairs
Though these are everyday maintenance and repair chores, when you have a reliable bus parts warehouse like Atlantic Bus Sales these repairs can be made without much interruption to local businesses, especially when it comes to your used diamond coach buses.

Why Should You Lease A New Diamond Coach Bus?

Businesses have many other reasons for leasing a new diamond coach buses or short term rental options. These situations could be:
• Companies are not ready to expand their current fleet by purchasing new buses
• Buses are needed only seasonally or during certain times of the year
• Please check on our current stock of buses
Situations to consider when thinking of leasing from Atlantic Bus Sales are as follows:
• We do not rent to individuals.
• Drivers are not supplied.
• Buses can be driven without special licenses with up to 15 passengers, a P endorsement or CDL may be needed
• Insurance is not provided; it is the company’s responsibility
Atlantic Bus Sales has a very qualified staff to assist with your leasing or short term rental needs for 24 passenger or 28 passenger buses. Don’t just take our word for this, read customer reviews and testimonials about not only our great leasing options for new diamond coach buses but also of our qualified staff at Atlantic Bus Sales.

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