Child Safety System Installation and Repairs for your Bus Lease

Child Safety System Installation and Repairs for your Bus Lease

Millions of children are transported around the United States every day, and safety has to be at the top of the list for any bus operator. If you are shuttle bus leasing for regular commercial operations, then you need to be sure that you have the right equipment to keep children safe while you’re on the road. At Atlantic Bus Sales, we not only provide the best new, used, and custom buses in Florida, but we can also make sure that all of your operational buses are configured for child safety restraint systems, and even child check systems.

Lease a Bus with Child Friendly Systems

Restraint systems for buses can come in a number of different configurations. Some operators like to use integrated seat/safety belts, whereas safety vests may be another option, depending on the circumstances. The point is that safety always needs to be one of your priorities, particularly when it comes to children. Lap belts can be installed in some buses, making it possible to use child safety restraint seats for infants and toddlers. Talk to us about your safety concerns, and your typical usage scenario, and we’ll help you to find a solution that simply works.

Whether you are shuttle bus leasing, or even if you want to customize an outright purchase, we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of.

Child Check Systems for School Bus Operators

School BusOne of the biggest risks for school bus operators is not accidents or injuries, but the potential for sleeping children to be left on buses after the completion of a service route. There are now devices entering the market that can help bus drivers to perform a final check at the end of a school bus service, and they will be prompted by a simple audio warning system that can be installed by our technicians in less than half an hour.

The system is called child check, and it’s an innovative solution that drivers and operators will love to work with. The device simply reminds a driver to check for sleeping children at the end of a shift, and requires that the driver go through a specific process before the child check alarm is disengaged. It’s a great way to provide peace of mind for the drivers, and it can completely eliminate any incidents occurring with a child being left behind. Depending on the system used, a child check device can even detect when a child has been left on a bus at the end of a service, and the system will automatically sound the horn in t1his situation, until the process is followed to disengage the device.

Some states are already enforcing child check laws for bus operators, and most would agree that this is how things should be. Make sure you protect your staff and your passengers by installing a child check when you lease a bus from Atlantic Bus Sales.

Bus Repair any Time That You Need It

Safe journeys are provided in safe buses, so it’s important that you keep yours in top condition, with timely safety inspections and repair services when necessary. Just as we’re your ideal option for sales and leasing, we’re also the best place to get your bus serviced, or to have bus repairs performed.

Bus LeaseWe deal with all bus servicing, including engine work, electronics, interiors, body work, painting, alignment, and any general service. When you keep your bus in top condition, it will run more efficiency, with no chance for breakdowns that could impact your service and cut into your bottom line. Regular inspections will allow you to perform preventative maintenance, so you’ll never have issues creep up on you. Our inspections are comprehensive, and include FDOT inspections, ASE vehicle inspections, and Child Care inspections. If you are already shuttle bus leasing from us, then it simply makes sense that you would bring the bus back to the shop when you need any work or service.

Another advantage of coming down to see us, is that we can install custom elements in your own or leased bus. If you need an entertainment system, including DVD and TV monitor systems, then you simply need to give us a call. We can also install special safety systems like rear view cameras, as well as wheelchair lifts and other systems.

Call Today for the Safest Bus in Top Condition

Don’t take chances when it comes to your passengers, your drivers, or your business. Ensure your buses are child friendly with the best accessories and safety systems, and always rely on Atlantic Bus Sales for your repairs, service, and Florida bus leasing needs.


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