Can you Make an Environmental Impact when you Buy a Used Bus?

Can you Make an Environmental Impact when you Buy a Used Bus?

These days it’s all about protecting the environment, but you already know that. There has been quite a bit of concern as of late regarding global warming and you probably have to wonder what kind of an impact your own company is having on the environment.

You’ve more than likely done your part to make sure you’re using safe materials and maybe you’re implementing policies throughout your business that are intended to help, but there are some factors that you cannot seem to control.

One of these factors is employee transportation, and this is where you might want to buy a used bus. Before we get too far into that, we’re going to talk a bit about cars and their impact on the very air you breathe.

Should you Buy a Used Bus? The Data says Yes

Buy a Used BusHere’s the thing about cars and pollution: they honestly only contribute to a little bit of the pollution that we face, but when you consider that there are 246 million cars on the streets in the United States every single day, you can see where there might be a problem. Not only does it make the air look nasty, the poisonous gases actually endanger the environment and cause significant health problems.

So what is it about cars that hurt the environment? It’s a combination of things really, the first being carbon dioxide. This is a greenhouse gas that traps solar radiation in the atmosphere. This is the environmental effect, but what about the effect on humans themselves. This is where carbon monoxide enters the picture; it is a poisonous gas that actually stops blood from carrying oxygen to your organs and causing long term health problems.

It has been found by the US Energy Information Administration that transportation has the second largest generator of carbon dioxide emissions, which exceeds all of the typical areas like industrial, residential, and even commercial. Within the United States it should be no surprise that cars represent about 89% of trips made by vehicle. That being the case, they are the responsible for most of our pollution.

A Few Statistics

To put some perspective on the matter, cars release about 333 million tons of C02 every year, making up for 20 percent of the world’s total. Now honestly, America is one of the largest countries in the world, but 20% is a number we could work on. Motor vehicles themselves output 72% of nitrogen oxides along with 52% of reactive hydrocarbons – are we scaring you yet?

A Better Solution

used bus for saleIf you’re feeling concerned at the moment then color us relieved, because we’ve done our job. There is a significant threat to the environment and you can solve at least some of it by making sure that your company is not contributing to the global crisis. If you choose to buy a used bus, you can be a part of the solution, and that’s definitely going to make you feel better!

So how can a used bus for sale help you exactly? One of the services that you can offer to your loyal employees or even customers is to shuttle them back and for the to your facility. You can even make a profit doing this! You have the opportunity to charge for rides, and while you are making that profit, you are helping the environment, even if it is only in a small way.

Can you change the world all on your own? Unless you are a massive company like Microsoft or Apple, there is a good chance that no, you absolutely cannot, but if you are contributing to the solution, and if enough other companies make the commitment, then you can take pride in knowing that you aren’t standing by doing nothing.

Choosing a bus that will reduce emissions while saving you money is essential, but so is making sure that you choose a good company. Now would be a great time to take a look at everything Atlantic Bus has to offer whether you want new, used, or a plethora of service options. If you need it, we have it.


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