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What you need to know about Buying a Church Bus

Whether you are in the Bible Belt, New England or the Rocky Mountains, there is nothing like going to church. In many cases, the journey is half the experience. Churches, bible studies and mission trips can now rely on Atlantic Bus Sales to find the top of line vans. Remember, a church bus can always be used to market a church. Simply pasting the organization’s name on the side of the bus exposes it to thousands of eyes on the road at no cost.

Not every church bus is the same. When senior citizens ride a new and used church bus, simply getting up and down and into their seats can become a painful task. The last thing anyone wants to do is stumble over a handbag on the ground and experience a nasty fall on his or her way to services. That is why a large center aisle, along with a high ceiling are imperative to any church bus. Depending on rear storage space can help to keep the aisles clear. Wheelchair lifts and building ramps are also delightful features.

Just remember that Class C with P endorsement driver’s license is mandatory to drive any bus with more than 15 churchgoers. Buses that carry 15 to 26 people make up 60% of all buses carrying people to and from the church. The sizes of the buses increase with the number of churchgoers, as there are now buses on the road that were designed to carry up to 26, 33, 40 and 45 passengers each.

Church Bus For Sale
Church Bus For Sale

Whether a church bus is designed for 15 or 45 passengers, safety is always a primary concern. In the past, ministries, as well as insurance companies, warned churchgoers to avoid riding the 15-passenger buses. Fortunately, a handful of mechanical improvements has been made to increase safety measures on the buses over the last decade. Passengers can now feel secure, as the transportation is currently made with full steel cage construction and side impact beams to prospect passengers. They even possess a base frame designed for stability, minimizing the chances of a rollover. Even the entrances and exits are more secure with hand rails and a lower first step than seen in the past.

Contrary to what much of the general public thinks, using diesel gas in a church bus is better. It may be a bit more expensive to buy, but a diesel engine in your church bus equates to more power, durability and miles per gallon. It is less maintenance too. And you will have no trouble finding a mechanic if you ever need one to work on your church bus. In fact, a majority of car dealerships already employ professional mechanics to work on diesel engines in light duty trucks.

When looking to purchase a vehicle, executives often have to choose between brand-new modes of transportation and cost-effective used church buses for sale. While the former may be better on an organization’s budget, it is important to realize that buses are not like cars on the used market. They are considered tools, not personal luxuries.

When on the market for a church bus for sale, it is important to find a church bus dealer who has earned a top-notch reputation through experience with both schools, retirement communities and churches. Make sure they know exactly what you want, as well as what specifics you need for your church. Always ask for references, which Atlantic Bus Sales is pleased to supply.
When you want to learn more about used and new church buses, as well as stylish, high quality and luxurious bus leases, simply check out our inventory online. Better yet, come on down to Atlantic Bus Sales located on Dixie Highway in Pompano Beach. That way, you can see our wise variety of buses up close. There’s a reason we’ve been number one in new and used church buses for sale for more than 30 years.

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