Buy Bus Parts to Bring New Life to an Aging Shuttle

Buy Bus Parts to Bring New Life to an Aging Shuttle

Bus PartsShuttle buses have a finite lifespan. They’re nothing like cars that can run for twenty to thirty years, though that would be nice, wouldn’t it? The problem hat you’re going to have with shuttle buses is that they are constantly used, and to be honest, many of them are never actually turned off unless there is some type of maintenance to be performed.

Don’t’ believe us? Try visiting an airport at some point and taking a look at their bus schedule. You’re probably going to find that the same buses run over, and over, and over without stopping once, though we will admit this is on the more extreme end of the spectrum.

We know that not every business is an airport, and not all of them function in this manner. Still, there are some things that you have to take into consideration, especially when it comes to wear and tear.

Buy Bus Parts – It’s the Best way to Address Wear and Tear

Yes, you’re going to have significant wear and tear on your buses and it’s probably going to come from your passengers over the years. The passengers will constantly trudge in and out of the shuttle, sitting down, standing up, stowing their luggage, rolling their wheelchairs, and performing tons of other actions that will slowly and surely chip away at your bus’s interior.

There are a few things that you can do offset the inevitable, for example you could spend a considerable amount of time cleaning, and you may even hire someone to do that for you. Disinfect your interior on a regular basis, and make sure all of the floors are clear of debris. These are simple actions that go a long way, but they can only go so far before you need to buy bus parts.

Your Old Bus Made New Again

So you have an old shuttle bus and you’re looking to make it new again; that’s pretty common. It might not be entirely through its life cycle yet, but if the years have taken a toll on it, then you most definitely need a refit, even if the engine is still purring like a newborn kitten. Sometimes you might only need to replace a runner, but in other cases you might need to go so far as to replace the seats.

If you have carpet inside your shuttle bus, you can probably figure out the score yourself. Your bus needs to be pristine, and sometimes, only replacement parts can suffice.  Before you can breathe new life into it, however, you’re going to need a good source and a company that has stood the test of time. Don’t worry, we exist.

Atlantic Bus Has you Covered

Atlantic Bus SalesTo say that Atlantic Bus has you covered when it comes to bus parts would be a gross understatement. The first thing you need to know is that we’ve officially been in this business for the past thirty years and during that time, we’ve seen a bus or two. When it comes to finding parts for a Diamond bus or Parts for a Federal Coach bus, yeah, you know you’re going to need the best, and you don’t want to go to a second rate supplier – you want to come the company that’s had it in the bag for the last three decades, and that’s going to be us.

Not only do we offer parts, we offer some of the best service in the industry. In other words, we aim to be a one stop shopping experience for all of your company transit needs. We agree that you might not be running an airport (there are few people that do), but you could be running a zoo, a retirement facility, or even a school – the need for transportation is universal, and the need for repairs is even more so. Keep your shuttle bus in working order with Atlantic Bus – we have you covered in every way.


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