Buy a Used Mini Bus for your Nursing Home Facility

Buy a Used Mini Bus for your Nursing Home Facility

As you probably already know, nursing homes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are 24 hour facilities and others might be more along the lines of recreation centers for your patients during the day. You may even be running an assisted living facility to help ensure that your residents get the care they need to continue on with their daily lives. Did you know, for example, that there is an assisted living facility in Ashtabula Ohio that attempts to mimic the day to day life of 1940’s culture, complete with indoor houses and various rooms that resemble places from the time period.

Not every assisted living facility looks like this, but it’s a great example of how sophisticated many of these assisted living facilities have become. No matter how amazing it is however, it’s still not going to function well without the great buses for sale that Atlantic has to offer, including the used mini bus.

Getting the Right Used Mini Bus for Sale

Buy a Used Mini BusWhen one thinks of buses for sale or even used bus sales they often think of the massive city buses that work to bring people to and from their destinations throughout every single day. There are several advantages to such buses, namely the profit margins, but when it comes right down to it, you really don’t need something quite that big for your operation. Fortunately, you don’t actually need something that big. Shuttle buses are a great addition to any assisted living or nursing home facility and they can serve many different purposes including:

  • Transfer Staff to Different On-Site Facilities
  • Take Residents Out for Shopping Trips
  • Transport Residents to Off-Site Medical Appointments
  • Bring Residents to see Family Members

These are four great reasons to use shuttle buses sin your operation, but we can almost guaranteed that you will think of quite a few more as time goes by. That being said, you’re going to need to take a few things into consideration before you can choose a bus for your purposes, the first one being safety. You are not only providing transport, you are moving people’s loved ones from one place to the next and with that being the case you need to make sure that the bus is perfectly safe in the event of rollover, collision, or any other circumstance that might be considered unsafe or detrimental to those inside. The buses we provide, for example, featured an integrated roll cage which will serve to keep the chassis from collapsing during an accident. It’s just one of the many features that will keep your bus on the road and your passengers safe from harm.

Other considerations that you will need to make while on the road do of course include the comfort of the passengers, the fuel efficiency, and most importantly the wear and tear that the bus can handle before it needs to be taken in for service. That being said, you definitely have your work cut out for you when it comes to building a fleet of shuttle buses for your nursing home, but we would like to think that we have it well in hand for you.

The Parts and Service to Back You Up

Atlantic Bus SalesWhen you’re looking for a bus to meet your needs, especially a shuttle bus for transporting nursing home residents there are certain things you will want to look for. For example you want to make sure that the bus you are buying is properly supported both before and after the purchase, which is something that Atlantic Bus Sales has been dealing with for the past thirty years. Why would you want to go anywhere else for parts or service? We have what you need, we have what you want, and we’re ready to help you to get to where you need to be whether you’re buying Turtle Top or one of the other variants.

Head on over to our website now and take a look at the bus sales we have to offer. We have lots of different models from many different companies, all of which have the ability to meet your needs. From ADA compliance all the way to comfort options, we’ve got you covered and we’ll keep you on the road.


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