Buy a Diamond Bus for your Daycare

Buy a Diamond Bus for your Daycare

Getting your daycare off the ground can definitely be a challenge, especially given all of the competition out there. You have plenty of paperwork to file, lots of people to hire, and most importantly, you have safety protocols that absolutely need to be met. The other item you’re going to need to work is transportation, and there are a number of concerns that you will need to contend with before you can effectively transport any one of your daycare students. It can be a lot of work to get everything up to the standard, but requests from parents and requirements by the state do call for you to meet certain, very important safety standards, which you can fulfill when you buy a Diamond bus.

Meet Safety Standards with a Diamond Bus

When you survey parents on their opinions and requirements for transportation in a preschool vehicle, they will say that safety is their top concern and for great reason! If you were to send your child to preschool, you would want the facility to take every possible precaution as well. That being said, when you buy a Diamond bus you have plenty of benefits to look forward to, including a roll cage that will protect the chassis from collapse in the event the vehicle were to overturn. This is just one of the many safety features that you will be able to enjoy, and there are plenty of others to consider.

Another great advantage of getting a bus for sale, especially for a preschool, is the potential for ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act necessitates that you provide access to disable individuals via a ramp or a lift, which any Diamond Bus will be able to facilitate – all you need to do is ask us for help and we’ll definitely get that installed for you!

Buy a Diamond Bus

Multiple Configurations

With any shuttle bus for sale you are going to have your choice of multiple configurations, some made for seating, and some that are designed specifically for the hauling of cargo. No matter which you go with, you’re going to find that you can choose from several different floor configurations that will permit you to accommodate either students or amounts of cargo – this makes your bus great for a number of different purposes.

For example you might simply use it to transport students to and from school for the benefit of the parents, or you might choose to use it for field trips – there are many different options and lots of ways for you to use your shuttle buses. Now would be a great time to start looking at the available shuttle buses for sale and make sure that your preschool is ready for the task of transportation that is definitely being laid out ahead of it.

Celebrate your Colors

Diamond BusYou’re going to need to make sure that you not only have a great bus for your students, but also one that represents your school. You undoubtedly have school colors that you want to show off, and with that being the case you will want to look into having the side of your shuttle bus properly painted, which is definitely a service that Atlantic Bus offers. Don’t forget to ask us about it before you drive off the lot!

A Solution you Can Count on

When you’re dealing with preschoolers you both need and want a solution that you can actually count on as far as transportation goes. You need to make sure that your students get from Point A to Point B and even Point C in the same condition that they left. The right Diamond Bus can definitely help you with that, and with that being the case, it’s time to obtain a single shuttle bus, or perhaps it is time to see about employing a fleet of buses. Preschool can be tough for both the parents and the students, but you can ease everyone’s mind while making this much simpler for yourself.

In addition to providing the best buses that money can buy, Atlantic Bus is able to offer parts and service for all purchased buses – a definite advantage to you and your students. When you want transportation, go with the best – your students and staff deserve it.


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