Bus Sales for Court Houses and Government Agencies

Bus Sales for Court Houses and Government Agencies

Bus SalesWe aren’t going to mince words here when it comes to the need for shuttle bus purchases today, there are quite a few industries that can and do use shuttle buses and the occasional used bus for sale. Without a doubt, bus sales drive many industries whether it’s commercial, government, or something a bit larger. No matter what industry you’re in, you can probably afford to buy a used mini bus to transport your workers, or guests, and in the end it will probably save you some money.

Now, if you’re a government agency or simply a branch of the local government, then it is difficult for anyone to put an actual price on buses. There is little doubt that you can use one in your day to day dealings, and there are quite a few applications. For one, you might need to transport your employees to and from work and you could do so in an effort to cut down on harmful emissions. If you are the department of parks and recreation for example, reducing your carbon footprint would definitely be within the best interest of your government agency. So who else, exactly, can make use of a shuttle bus for sale?

Bus Sales for Court Houses

This is where things get a bit tricky; there are two reasons for which a court house might need to use a shuttle bus and we’re going to get into both of these, in detail.

For Employees and the Public

shuttle bus for saleIf you are located in a dense industrial area there is little reason to avoid using a shuttle bus to be perfectly honest. You can get your employees to work, and most importantly, you can make sure that anyone with a court date makes it to their appointment on time. Sadly, one of the biggest problems that the court system has is a lack of transportation for defendants in court cases, but you can offset that problem significantly when you buy a used bus and put it to work.

When you are looking into a bus to purchase it is imperative that you select the best floor plan and the best amenities. One great example would be ADA compliant equipment such as wheelchair ramps which will allow you to transport disabled individuals. A shuttle bus for sale could be your saving grace and it could very well help a number of people who need transportation both to and from the courthouse.

For Inmates

Not everyone has a positive outcome from their court date. In fact sometimes there are those that need to be transported to either the local county jail or even prison; it all depends upon the situation. Finding a shuttle bus for sale that meets the needs of the court house is critical in such a scenario. You need something that is reliable and you need something that can be considered secure. Make sure you ask us about our selection!

It’s All About Quality

Whether you’re supplying your court house or another local government building, it is critical that you find a bus which can meet a number of different needs. From transporting employees, to disabled individuals, and everyone in between, you want a bus supplier that has been around the block a time or two, and we can guarantee you that we are that supplier. Buying a bus isn’t like buying office supplies; you don’t just choose the first one you see and go with it.

You need one from a company that can not only make the sale, but one that can support it for many years after. We specialize in sales, in warranties, and even bus repairs after the fact. We’ve been doing it for the past thirty years and show no sign of slowing down. It’s time for you to put your trust in the best whether you’re buying new, buying used, or having a repair done later on down the road. Let Atlantic Bus be your guide on your bus buying journey.


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