Bus Repair and Shuttle Bus Repair will Keep your Business Mobile

Bus Repair and Shuttle Bus Repair will Keep your Business Mobile

K40137 (1)All vehicles, no matter what type they happen to be, have one thing in common: they all break down at some point in time for any number of different reasons. It could be a failed transmission, it could be a malfunctioning cam shaft. Then again it could be something as simple as an air conditioner issues. There are so many different problems that you might have to deal with and when it comes to keeping your business operating, you need your vehicles to be in prime condition. For example, if you are running shuttle buses, you need those buses to take both employees and customers to different locations around the area. If you have ever been to a theme park, or perhaps even run one, then you know the value that a shuttle can add to your business. Making it so that people do not have to walk everywhere, especially if you happen to have a large property, is absolutely, positively, the greatest value that you can ever reap from a piece of equipment, and there are many other businesses where this type of transportation becomes necessary. Correctional institutes, for example, will need to make sure that they not only have good transport buses for their prisoners, but that they are able to provide security. That being said, there are many different considerations to make when it comes to your buses and transportation systems, but when you need prison bus repair or bus repair, you need it right away. After all, the entirety of your business could rather easily depend upon it! That being said, you need to make sure that you are in good hands, and that the different parts of your vehicle are properly covered.

Using our Repair Service

When you’re looking for a repair service, you need to find one that is not only certified and trained to work on vehicles, but also one that is trained to work on larger commercial vehicles. It is important to remember that these vehicles are far different from standard consumer vehicles, and with that being the case, they need special equipment in order to be effectively repaired. In addition to that, because they are so large, they call for a greater amount of space. Could you imagine trying to drive a full sized school bus into a mechanic’s shop? They would probably look at you as if you were insane!  Our facilities, on the other hand have all of the tools needed to perform church bus repair, and repairs of nearly any other type. There are several systems that need to be repaired regularly, especially if you are using your vehicles often. These can include:

TransmissionThis is the part of the vehicle responsible for switching gears, and making sure that the vehicles is able to drive. Without the transmission, the vehicle could not be put into park, and if it is a manual transmission, there could be even more problems to consider.

Routine MaintenanceStandard wear and tear on any vehicle is inevitable. The tires could become worn, or the fluid could become dirty. Having these things replaced is absolutely essential to keeping your vehicle in top condition. Routine maintenance needs to be performed on any vehicle, and you should get your fleet into the garage at least twice per year.

Body WorkYour vehicles are going to be out on the road a LOT. With that being the case, you will likely experience accidents, or environmental issues that cause damage to your vehicles. Once that happens, you need to find a way to fix it, and that is precisely what our body shop is equipped for. We also handle modifications to make your vehicle a bit more suitable to the job.

Warranty RepairsWhen a vehicle is under warranty, as it often is when you purchase it brand new, there are only specific shops that can be trusted with repairs. Not only do you need to make sure they can do the job, but also that they have the programs required to troubleshoot the vehicle’s computer. We have all of that, and more, giving you the advantage that you need to have your vehicle effectively repaired, and under warranty.

Tire ReplacementTires wear out and break. This can be annoying on any vehicle, but on a bus it can be even more so as you need the equipment required to lift said vehicle, and perform he proper replacements. Whether it is prison bus repair or something a bit more complex, you have us, and we will strive to make sure your vehicle is up, running, and rolling.

Repairs you can Trust

K40137 (7)When you need your vehicle repaired, you need to make sure you have repairs you can actually trust, which is very difficult to come by at times. We make sure that you can not only trust us, but that you’re ready to hit the road as soon as possible. We understand the importance of having functioning vehicles for your clients, customers, and anyone else who can  help to bring profit to your business or organization. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to bus repair or any other type of large commercial vehicle repair. We’ve got you covered.

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