Bus Parts - The Four Components that Fail First

Bus Parts – The Four Components that Fail First

When you buy a brand new shuttle bus, there are certain bus parts that you can expect to fail before all others, and it’s not really as complex as you might think. Some of them, in fact, are pretty predictable believe it or not. Some of the problems are purely mechanical, others are more aesthetic, but whether you need parts for Diamond bus or Turtletop bus parts for sale, Atlantic bus is always going to come through for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common part failures that you are going to find yourself dealing with.

Bus Parts – The Windshield Always Goes First

Bus PartsNo matter how you want to slice it, the windshield is always going to go first when you are driving a shuttle bus. It is front and center, it’s always facing the  road and it’s always taking the brunt of the wind. It is a windshield, after all. The problem is that in addition to taking the wind it’s going to take the rain, sleet, snow, and the occasional rock.

If that doesn’t bother you, it should, because if the protective coating isn’t worn down first, then it will fall victim to flying debris and become cracked, and that’s not a great situation. There are many people who will actually ignore this problem, but we would like to inform you that driving with a cracked windshield is actually illegal, and it could cause you to receive a pretty hefty fine – not to mention it’s unsafe. Get your windshield checked out every few months, and definitely seek repairs if something happens!

The Brakes – You Need Stopping Power!

Turtletop Bus PartsApart from the engine itself, the brakes are in fact the most used component in the entire setup. You stop all the time, and we’re not being facetious. Sure there are things that you can do to make sure that you’re your brakes are in good, working order all the time.

A shuttle bus is going to burn through brakes quickly, and we strongly recommend that you try to get yours checked at least once every three months, if not sooner. There are some telltale signs, such as the bus not stopping on command (at least not easily ) or the brakes squealing hen you use them. If you notice any of these signs, get your bus to a mechanic immediately.

The Tires Always Wear Down

Your tires are always going to wear down; it’s just a fact of life and one that you are going to have to accept. That being said, now would be a great time to check them and make sure that they aren’t going bald. You can determine this by measuring the tread and making sure that it meets the standard, and of course examine the rest of the tire. If the tire is too worn you could see metal poking out of the sidewall or you might even see cracks forming.

Please note that this is NOT something you want to ignore by any stretch of the imagination; if you notice that your tires are in bad shape, please take care of it immediately to ensure that the shoes are in proper repair and most importantly,t hat your brakes are going to work the next time you come to a stop.

The Starter

Atlantic Bus SalesOf all the bus parts, the starter is probably one of the most likely to go out, and you may not even realize what the problem is when it does occur. You see, every once in a while you’re probably going to have some trouble starting your bus; the engine simply won’t turn over. Starters do have a finite lifespan, but the good news is that they can be easily replaced.

These four components can easily go out or break, but they can also be easily replaced if the need arises. Make sure that you do exactly that, and make sure you’re getting quality bus parts. Atlantic Bus has decades of experience in the industry and is ready to help you with whatever you need!


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