Bus Leasing Gives you More Freedom and More Options

Bus Leasing Gives you More Freedom and More Options


Shuttle bus leasing is a service that could very well take your business to new heights. There are several different areas of business that can easily take advantage of this and potentially turn a profit doing it.  Below you will find three great reasons to choose bus leasing

Shuttle Bus Leasing for Corporate Transport

Bus LeasingIn a world where the emphasis on green solutions is rampant, it’s nice to have an alternative to individual employee transportation. As you begin to use shuttle buses, you may notice increased employee productivity as they will not find themselves dealing with the stress of commuting, and ultimately spending less of their personal finances on gasoline. In addition to that, having a shuttle bus service for your company will definitely help out when it comes to bringing on new hires, and may even allow you to hire some individuals that would have been unable to make the commute due to lack of a personal vehicle. In other words, you’re going to add new employees and make a profit.

On the subject of profit, you will discover that Section 132(f) of the Federal tax code plays into your hands as it allows tax-free fringe benefits of up to $130 per month per employee for carpool expenses. In other words, you can make profit from your employees AND from the United States Government just by utilizing shuttles for your business.

Shuttle Bus Leasing for Individual Transport

Transportation is critical for many large-scale operations, such as universities and other educational institution. The renting of shuttle buses will give you the opportunity to transport individuals to and from large events. These can include football games, conventions, important field trips, and other activities that the school might choose to put on. Shuttle transportation is safer, it is more efficient, and in the end, it’s easier.

Bus Leasing for Getting Around Campus

If you are running a business that happens to have a slightly larger campus, then looking into shuttle bus leasing to ensure that your employees can get around with ease is simply a matter of course. A good shuttle bus will be able to handle this, and it is definitely something that you will want to look into. It is proven that using shuttle buses can replace single-passenger car trips considerably, reducing the amount of gasoline burned, and ultimately reducing harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Finally, consider the amount of down time employees will have on the shuttle, even if you are simply moving them from one building to the next. They have a chance to rest, to relax, check their e-mail, or simply enjoy themselves. It might be a short commute from one building to another, but it can make all the difference in the world.

School Bus Leasing, Child Transportation

Schools today are under intense budgetary restraints, meaning it will be critical for administrators to cut costs and make sure that they are spending their money effectively. Bus leasing provides schools the opportunity to deploy up to date vehicles without the overhead, and most importantly, without the extra tax expenditure associated with a full purchase. It should be noted before purchase that Sections 1709(25)(i), 2503(12-a), and 2554(19-a) of the Education Law states that a motor vehicle may be leased to a school for student transportation for one year, though this may be extended for up to five years in the event that voters authorize it. The school district can, however, enter into an installment purchase agreement for the vehicle. This gives school districts plenty of options and will provide students a way to get from home to school, and back again with field trips in between.

The Benefits of a Bus Lease

Bus LeasingThere are plenty of benefits to shuttle bus leasing that you should definitely enjoy and take advantage of. Some of these include:

  • Warranty – Your vehicle can always be repaired within the lease by the manufacturer and will always be kept in outstanding shape.
  • Model Swapping – Once your lease is up, you will have the option of switching to the latest model rather than sticking with your current one.
  • Financing – Leasing does not always require upfront financing, you simply need to provide a documentation fee along with the first and last month’s lease payment.
  • Convenience – With leasing you won’t have to deal with financing. Instead of dealing with a bank loan or anything equally complicated, you will simply fill out an application, it’s that easy.
  • Tax Advantages – The only taxes deducted from you are based on the portion of the vehicle’s value that you use at the given time. Taxes are extended along the life of the lease, to be paid incrementally with your monthly installment.

Leasing a bus is a great idea, but no matter how you choose to go about it, there is nothing more important than making sure that you contact a company that has been in the industry for more than thirty years. When you’re looking for a service to either buy, or lease from, what you undoubtedly want is something that will last, something that is safe, and something that won’t need to see the inside of a shop every three months. Atlantic Bus has the experience, has the inventory, and has the capability to provide you with a quality product. When it comes to giving your customers and employees an experience, make sure it is the best.


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