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Used Buses for SaleIf your organization is looking for a new or pre-owned bus for sale, Atlantic Bus Sales is your answer. If you are interested in a new or used shuttle bus, church bus, private school bus, or even medical and handicap buses, Atlantic Bus Sales is the leader in the industry for bus sales, service, and parts. Buses can be seen everywhere you go, from the small town, the sprawling metropolis, and there are many different types. Today, of course, we’re talking about the shuttle bus for sale, which is used in a multitude of situations. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses and applications for a shuttle bus.

Shuttle Bus Applications

ChurchesTraditionally, churches have always used large cargo vans for transportation, but these tend to have their own set of problems. First of all, they are cramped, and if you’ve ever ridden in one, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Secondly, they tend to be top heavy, which is why so many people are switching to shuttle buses. Shuttles support far more passengers, and they usually feature a roll cage to keep the vehicle intact and the customers safe.

Buy Used BusesSchoolsNot every school is going to use a full blown bus; sometimes a shuttle gets the same job done, and sometimes it even gives a smoother ride. For educational institutions, this can be absolutely amazing.

PrisonsOne of the biggest problems faced by correctional institutions is a lack of security in their vehicles. Minimum security prisons, much like churches, tend to use cargo vans for their transportation needs, even though they are not necessarily the most secure vehicles. Shuttles, on the other hand, offer better security, and will ultimately serve you better.

Assisted Living FacilitiesAlso known as retirement homes, there is often a need to make sure that residents are able to get from place to place without using their own vehicles. This often includes visits to relatives grocery stores, and of course doctor’s offices. Shuttles are the best way to get the job done while transporting the greatest amount of people.

Corporate CampusesYour employees need to go somewhere, and we’re more than ready to help. They could be simply moving across the campus, or maybe they’re carpooling using your shuttle service. No matter what the case happens to be, we’ve got you covered.

Tour CompaniesThe last we’re going to mention is tour companies – a common sight in any city. Usually, a tour bus for sale will feature a set of egress windows, ensuring a panoramic view of the area you’re looking at. In addition to that, the wide, powered doors will ensure the easiest possible entry to the vehicle. This is great for both able bodied and handicapped individuals that need to use the services you offer.

A Wide Selection

Atlantic Bus offers both new and used buses sales to meet the needs of every occasion, especially those that we mentioned above. Some of our most popular brands include:

Not only do we have top of the line selections from all of these brands, we are also able to offer the latest and greatest from each company. Whether you’re looking for a party bus for sale, a tour bus for sale, or just a standard shuttle bus for sale, we have what you need, and not just when it comes to a good shuttle – we can also offer you support.

Support After the Fact

Bus for SaleNaturally, all of our buses are backed by an extensive warranty, separated into two parts for most vehicles. The chassis is supported by one warranty, while the vehicle is supported by another. Generally, the idea is to make sure that the original manufacturer is responsible for supporting the transmission, engine, and other motorized parts. That being the case, your entire vehicle is completely covered and will give you a distinct advantage both on and off the road.

Along with the warranty, you will find that Atlantic runs a parts depot, which will serve to ensure that you have access to all of the bus parts that you could possibly need, no matter what happens to your vehicle. All you need to do is find the part number and give us a call. We’ll ship it to you, no matter where you are in the United States. It’s a service you’ll have trouble finding anywhere else; we want to keep your bus up and running for the foreseeable future.

Safe on the Road

Buy a used busOur buses are designed to not only be fuel efficient, but safe for those who are riding. State of the art safety features along with increased stability ensure that the buses will not tip, and in the event they do, the roll cage will keep the chassis intact. In addition to that, internal safety features ensure that any luggage remains properly seated and will not pose a threat to passengers in the event of an accident.

It’s time for you to stop dreaming of owning the perfect bus for your operation, and time to begin searching through our inventory. We have a massive selection for those seeking a mini coach bus for sale, a part bus, or even a tour bus.  The most important thing is ensuring that you and your passengers get from Point A to Point B in both comfort and style.  We don’t just offer a bus, we offer an experience – and one that you won’t soon forget.

Used Buses for Sale Provided By a Great Team

Do not procrastinate when trying to find what you need and allow yourself to be happy. In the long run, if you decide that you want to work with a company that is known for their efforts you will be pleased. The amount of time and energy that you put into making sure you are spending wisely will pay off. Used buses for sale are provided by a wide range of companies that has exactly what you need. If there’s a company that has used buses for sale that you have looked into, make sure that they have a clean record.

Click here to find out more about your options and see who will be able to put a smile on you and your loved ones face. Bus sales are only growing in number as the years go by and will continue to do so with great speed. Used tour buses for sale will give you the ability to have things done to perfection. You will be really happy with what you will find online once you begin your search.

Atlantic bus sales have a load of options for you to choose from and we put a great amount of effort into their work. Choosing the right team to give you what you need is the best decision that you will make. Used bus sales by Atlantic have given so many people the opportunity to take their things to the next level. These buses will benefit you in many different ways and will give you the benefit of a doubt.

Passengers Will Love Riding in Style in Your Bus

Used buses for sale

Purchasing one of our new or used buses for sale online will give you the opportunity to save time and money. Bus sales will provide you with a way to get on the road sooner than later. Make sure that you are looking around at your options and giving a call to all of the companies you are interested in.

Many people have left reviews talking about the high level of professionalism displayed. Now you will be able to fully experience what Atlantic Bus Sales has to offer as well! Choosing to look around and comparing your options will provide you with the best. Give yourself a chance at finding what you need without having to pay an arm and a leg in the process. There is no better time than now for you to choose the best company to find your choice of a bus for sale.

There are all types of new and used buses along with mini buses available for you to choose from. The web has made it much easier for people like you to find a wide variety of buses for sale. Our buses will give you freedom to explore and impress your passengers. The following can be found on our site including:

  • used church bus for sale
  • church bus sales
  • Prison Transport Bus
  • mini bus for sale
  • mini coach bus for sale
  • mini party bus for sale
  • tour bus for sale

Having so many to choose from will make your decision-making process harder, but is also better than a few.

Increasing your freedom will not be hard for you to do with this company at your side and now is the time to find out how!

Used Mini Buses for Sale

Used mini buses can also be found in our inventory. When it comes to getting things done, researching your options will always give you the best. Atlantic bus sales are great at putting a smile on the faces of their clients and will be more than happy to show you. Achieving great things is more than possible for you and getting started today will do you well. Find the mini bus of your dreams today and see why so many people have decided to work with this company. Bringing your dreams to reality will not be hard for you to do and with such a long range of options, you will be amazed. Buy one of our mini used buses on the Atlantic bus sales website and see why so many people have done the same.

Choosing to purchase a used mini bus for sale will:

  • Provide you with a reliable transport
  • Give you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve
  • Help you take things to the next level
  • Put a smile on your face

If you are unsure if there is a company out there that will be able to level up to your expectations, there is a countless amount of ways for you to find out beforehand. Your choice of a used mini coach bus for sale will be incredibly vast and with the right tools, you can bet that everything will be done to your liking. With so many bus sales companies out there for you to choose from there is no doubt that it will be quiet difficult to choose who to work with. Atlantic bus sales have made it their duty to give their clients everything that they need as well as any of the information required for them to be comfortable while making their purchase. You can learn more about any bus for sale by contacting us today!


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