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contract-945619_640Bus Financing for New and Pre-owned Buses

Bus financing for new and preowned buses is our specialty at Atlantic Bus sales so when you are in need for a new or used bus for your organization, there are various purchase options to consider. Many of our customers choose to use financing for the purchase of their new or used shuttle bus or minivan, and Atlantic Bus Sales offers a robust portfolio of lenders to make your buying experience and bus financing hassle free. Whether you are wanting an installment loan for purchasing a mini bus or whether you’re more interested in leasing your shuttle bus, our professional sales representatives are here to help with whatever type of bus financing you need. With 30+ years of Bus Sales and Leasing will provide you the buying experience you expect from the experts in the business. Call us today to see how we can help you with acquiring the shuttle bus or wheelchair equipped minivan that meets your needs within your budget.

  • An Easy Credit Process
  • Quick Loan Approval and Turnaround
  • Small Loan Documentation Fee
  • Low or No Down Payment

This type of Bus Financing is ideal for:

  • Business and Municipal Loans or Leases
  • Start-up Businesses Bus Financing
  • Church or Business Financing of Principal & Interest for 84 Months
  • Lease Terms Available for up to 72 Months

Why Finance?

calculator-178127_640Bus financing gives your business the flexibility to expand or improve your fleet while managing your cash flow.
Atlanticbussales.net has developed a variety of programs to fit your specific needs. We have built strong relationships with a number of secure, reputable institutions so that we can offer you the financing you need at a cost that works for your business, Our application process is simple, flexible and fast making it easy for you to get the equipment you need to run your business at its full potential.

We Offer the Following Financing Options:

Traditional Loan/Finance.

  • Sales tax is billed at purchase .
  • You own the bus .
  • Bus purchase will reflect on your financial statements

Walk. Away Lease.

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet .
  • Little to no risk for the lessee .
  • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations

Track Lease.

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet .
  • Lower rental rates available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor .
  • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at lease expiration

FMV (Fair Market Value) Purchase Option Lease.

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet .
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit & payment) .
  • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations .
  • Equipment may be purchase at lease expiration at Fair Market Value

Lease Purchase ($1 Buyout) .
You keep the depreciation benefits . Preserve your credit line . Zero down payment available
(depending on credit & payment) . Own your equipment at the end of
the lease for as little as $1.00

Municipality Lease .

  • If you qualify as a municipality, we can offer you extremely low rates because of the tax exemption treatment that i$ provided to you

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