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RV AC Check Special

Spring is here and its a good time to get your Bus AC service checked as well as a good time to get your RV AC serviced too!

RV ac service

There is nothing worse than having your bus air conditioning fail during a trip and of course it will happen on your most important trip. Spring Break is in full swing, and many are enjoying their RV and traveling with their RV as they go on their spring break adventure.  If you are planning your spring vacation, its a good time to have your RV serviced specifically the air conditioning as summer will be here and those hot temperatures that you just cant escape in the shade.

Mini bus repairs for air conditioners are not vastly different to those that you would have in your home. Any kind of HVAC unit operates on the same principle of heat transfer, and understanding what can fail on an automotive system can help you to realize why it’s so important to schedule regular maintenance.

It is estimated that a private car air conditioner can lose up to 5% efficiency for every 12 months that it is used. On a bus, where the system is much bigger with more ducting and venting, this loss of efficiency could be even higher. The less efficient the system is, the harder it will have to work to keep things cool, meaning that failures can quickly lead to necessary shuttle bus repairs. Regular maintenance will allow for faults to be identified early, and the system can be kept clean and fully gassed so that there is less chance of unexpected failures.

The RV Air Conditioning system is very much the same as many bus and coaches, it is designed to keep passengers cool and comfortable, the big difference is the RV AC system has higher demand on it as it is running much of the time as you are enjoying the comfort of your RV when it is not running or moving.  There are routine checks you can do to make sure your RV AC is operating as best as it can under the most demanding conditions.

Checkout our air conditioning specials for most any type of RV, Bus, or Coach as our ASE Techs can handle any type of RV AC Repair or AC Repair for your fleet of buses or coaches.

Call or come see us at Atlantic Bus Sales our technicians will take very good care of you its our business!


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