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The Benefits of Regular Bus Maintenance


Regular bus maintenance is vital for the health and prolonged life and safety of your vehicles. Bus repairs is important to ensuring that your vehicle is working as it should, and not breaking down at the wrong time. At Atlantic Bus Sales we take extra measures to ensure your bus or fleet of vehicles when in for maintenance or service is returned to you in top running shape for the safety of your drivers and passengers. There are several benefits to regular fleet care, such as:

– Preventing Break Downs                                                              

– Improving Safety

– Improving fuel economy and saving money

-Increase Life Expectancy of Equipment

-Reduce Costs

Preventing Breakdowns- Preventive Maintenance is Key

Bus Maintenance

The most important reason for regular bus maintenance is it can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and catch potential issues before they become problems. Basic checks and routine maintenance can avoid unexpected breakdowns and avoid the inconveniences to your passengers. Regular oil changes, fluid flushes and inspections of belts and other susceptible areas and parts for potential problem symptoms can find a problem before it leaves you and your passengers stranded.

While a bus requires a mechanic’s attention on a regular basis to check everything over, there are a few cost-effective bus maintenance items you can take care of before every trip to help avoid and identify issues before they occur. Here is a list of checks we perform at Atlantic Bus for Preventative Oil Change:

  • Transmission fluid level
  • Up to 7 quarts of oil
  • Check Front and Rear Brakes
  • Check All Tires and Air Pressure
  • Check Front End
  • Check All Lights
  • Check Front and Rear Air Conditioning
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check and Top Off all Fluids
  • Check Air Filter, Oil Filter

At Atlantic Bus Sales our qualified professional mechanics can perform other routine checks and maintenance services like greasing fittings, changing filters, checking brake pads and shoes, and verifying the overall integrity of the bus chassis, drivetrain, body and electrical systems.

Improving Safety

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your passengers and drivers are safe when traveling and that they make it to their destinations safely. Having your bus regularly maintained and in top running order helps to make sure that an unexpected breakdown does not happen at an inopportune time, risking the safety of your passengers and driver.

Improving Fuel Economy and Saving Money

A professionally tuned and well-maintained bus can save you money in the long term and with regular maintenance you can improve fuel economy. A bus that is operating efficiently, correctly and to specifications will see reduced fuel consumption, compared to those with potential issues. Regular maintenance will allow for budgeting for anticipated repairs and to fix small issues before they become larger, more expensive concerns. This will avoid excessive downtime keeping you bus or fleet of buses on the road and making you money.

Increase Life Expectancy of Equipment

Regular maintenance can and will help increase the life of your vehicles on the road. Most American transit systems expect their buses to have a useful life of 5 years and 150,000 miles. 

Reduce Costs

Reduced overtime costs for maintenance workers. Repairs will be done on a scheduled basis, rather than during an emergency repair which leads to a more economical use of maintenance workers and technicians.

Call Atlantic Bus Sales for your bus routine maintenance or repairs today and our ASE technicians will take great care of you!

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