Atlantic Bus Sales – Your Home for the Best Bus Parts and Service for 30 Years Running

Atlantic Bus Sales – Your Home for the Best Bus Parts and Service for 30 Years Running

Parts-Warehouse1 (1)Shuttle buses are always going to be a necessity in business or charitable organizations. The one thing all organizations have in common is people. They have people and they need to make sure that those people are able to get from one place to the next without a problem, and if you can manage that, you’re going to be golden. Shuttle buses have significant advantage over many other options on the market, vans for example. Sure you could get everyone to where they need to go using a van but do you know how top heavy they are? Do you know how irritating it is to climb into a van? There isn’t much headroom, and it feels incredibly cramped no matter how much it wishes to be a mass transport vehicle.

Buses on the other hand have a distinct advantage with practically unlimited headroom and larger windows that allow you to see more of the scenery as it goes by. There are literally unlimited benefits to buses and you’re going to find that it’s absolutely amazing. Shuttle buses are ideal for plenty of different scenarios whether it is a school, a church, a university, or even a hospital. Getting around has never been more important, and shuttle buses can help you to do it. Of course you’re going to need the right bus parts to make it all work, and that means finding the ideal company to back you. In our opinion, Atlantic Bus Sales is going to be your one stop shop for everything you need.

Quality Bus Parts over Price

The biggest mistake people tend to make when they start seeking out bus parts is to go for the absolute cheapest they can find. Sure there should be an emphasis on saving money, but it needs to be done the right way. When you’re looking for a good company to help you find the right parts you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the Prices Reasonable? – We’re not talking super-cheap, but they shouldn’t completely gouge you either. You need a company that is able to offer you a reasonable price and a quality product.
  • Are They Knowledgeable? – There is a significant difference between getting parts and getting parts from a company that knows what they are doing. Atlantic Bus Sales has been in the business for the past thirty years, so you could say they’ve been around the block a time or two. They know what you need as a customer and will be able to offer you a ton of advice. You’ll be able to get your bus running, but you’ll also be able to keep it running for the foreseeable future with our help.
  • Is it Convenient? – Last but not least, you need convenience, there’s no question about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for parts for Diamond bus or parts for Turtletop bus, you need to make sure that you can get the parts you need quickly and easily. Don’t’ worry, Atlantic Bus is on top of it.

A Wide Range of Parts

Atlantic Bus SalesAtlantic Bus offers some of the best and most reliable parts in the industry but we also move beyond the standard transmission and engine parts. As you probably know by now we strive to be ADA compliant and with that being the case we can definitely provide parts for your hydraulic lifts among other things. Let us take care of the most complicated part – getting you the replacement components you need.

A Wide Range of Services

As we mentioned before  we are able to offer advice on a wide variety of different topics relating to your bus, but we also make sure to offer you quality repair services, ensuring that your bus is able to stay on the road for the foreseeable future. Having offered these services for the last thirty years, we’re confident that we can bring you exactly what you need, no matter what kind of organization you happen to be running.


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