Advantages of finding an Old Tour Bus for Sale

Advantages of Finding an Old Tour Bus for Sale

Used Tour Bus for SaleAre you considering buying an old tour bus for sale? The idea may be even better than you think. There are a few cool things you can do with a tour bus that has been put out to pasture, and there are several advantages to keeping one in your personal fleet. Besides saving yourself a ton of money over buying new, let’s take a look at the other benefits of finding a used tour bus for sale and why it benefits you as well as your organization.

Major Advantages to buying a Used Tour Bus for Sale

There is no denying that buying used typically saves you money, but there are even more benefits beyond that. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 Gently-Used Tour Buses are Almost as Good as New

When you purchase a used tour bus from a reputable dealer, you get a vehicle that has been inspected from bumper to bumper and presented in the best possible condition. A reputable bus dealer goes through the bus inside and out to make sure it meets or exceeds their quality standards for the consumer. The used bus is almost as good as new and ready to take on whatever task you have in mind for it.

#2 A Used Touring Bus for Sale can be a Great Source of Revenue or Relaxation

An old bus can be used in several different ways to either save you money, make you money or simply provide relaxation and fun. Here are a few of the ways you might use one.

  • If your company or organization takes groups of people on outings regularly (to and from project sites, weekend getaways, sporting events, etc.), purchasing an old tour bus could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in transportation rental throughout the year.
  • In addition to the bus always being available for your own use, you could rent it out to other businesses in the area to generate another source of income for your business.
  • You can become your own boss by starting your own charter business using a reconditioned tour bus.
  • Tour bus conversion is popular these days. People buy used tour buses and turn them into beautiful recreational vehicles with all the latest amenities.

#3 A Used Tour Bus for Sale Depreciates more Slowly than a New One

Buses typically depreciate faster during their first few years off the lot. When you consider this, it makes good financial sense to invest in a used tour bus for sale from a reputable seller, allowing you to get a high-quality vehicle at a lower cost, even if it doesn’t have all the latest bells and whistles(you can add them later anyway!). In addition, buying used could mean the original owner paid for upgrades to the interior and engine themselves so you enjoy lower operating costs once you own the bus.

Food for Thought if You’re Thinking of Starting your own Charter Business with an Old Tour Bus for Sale

Tour Bus for SaleWith charter bus drivers in high demand right now and gas prices the lowest they have been in 15 years, the time is right to begin your own charter business driving a used tour bus. Having said that, you still need to weigh the potential profit against the many expenses you will encounter just getting started. Here are a few that quickly come to mind:

  • Insurance – Of course you will need insurance on the bus. How much you will spend is dependent on your area and a host of other factors. The monthly premium for insurance could potentially be quite costly.
  • Federal regulations – It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you always have federal laws to contend with. In this case, OSHA rules and training are a given as well as complying with federal motor carrier safety rules. Non-compliance fines related to any such rules will surely be costly as well as damaging to your business.
  • Safety – In this day and age, it pays to err on the side of safety. If your used tour bus for sale isn’t equipped with the latest in safety technology, you might end up shelling out the cash to add it yourself. Being safe, and doing things right the first time is far less expensive in the long than the alternative.

We aren’t trying to dissuade you from starting your own charter service by addressing these points. On the contrary, we fully encourage diving into this strong and lucrative industry. We simply want you to be prepared for the most common expenses associated with this type of ownership so you have a better chance for success from the beginning.

Atlantic Bus Sales – Your Reputable Bus Dealer

Whether you are looking for an old tour bus for sale, a new luxury tour bus for sale or something in between, Atlantic Bus Sales should be your first choice. Proudly serving the transportation industry’s needs for over 30 years with new and used buses, rentals, parts and service, we go above and beyond to put you in the perfect bus or van for your needs. Our staff strives for excellence in all aspects of the transportation business, setting the bar higher and higher each year. We want to be your first choice in sales, service and maintenance – including on-site and emergency roadside assistance.

If you are looking for an old tour bus for sale, don’t trust just anyone with an old bus. Contact ABS either by phone or online to browse our inventory and find the perfect bus for your needs.


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