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A Look at VIP/PT 2000 Floorplans

Bus transportation can be very important to any business no matter what it happens to be. It could be a church, it could be a youth center, it could be a corporation. The bottom line is that everyone has somewhere to be and there are plenty of benefits to using a smaller solution, such as the VIP/PT 2000. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the available floorplans, but first, let’s talk about the benefits of using a shuttle bus.

First of all, you will find that when you need to find parts for a bus, you couldn’t do much better than a shuttle simply because the parts are far more common. The VIP PT 2000 from Diamond, for example, is built on the time-tested Ford E-350 chassis, and the parts are not difficult to obtain. That being the case, this is often the preferred bus for smaller businesses, retirement communities, and of course everyday tasks that you would not want to break out larger, CDL requiring buses for.

The next benefit of this particular model is that it is not necessarily considered to be a bus, and therefore does not require a commercial driver’s license. This license, also known as a CDL requires specialized courses that an individual must complete before they are able to take the wheel of a commercial vehicle. This course is not only long and involved, it requires a significant monetary expenditure that you as a business  owner might not be ready to commit. That being said, the E-350 is a great investment for your company. Anyone with a valid driver’s license can operate it, after all.


A Look Inside

There is more to this vehicle than just the chassis, though one has to admit that is a huge part of it. The shuttle bus maneuvers quite well, or should we say, much better than you would expect with a carrying capacity of seventeen passengers. In addition to that, even though this bus is a bit smaller, it can still use many of the luxury options that you would find on the larger models.

Though there are plenty of upgrade features  that can be obtained from a bus parts dealer, there are still plenty of standard parts that ship with the bus right off the line. The shuttle starts off with simple, but highly necessary features like the aesthetically pleasing fabric ceilings, Rosco mirrors, ABS light bars, and of course  Fiberglass step well designed not only for easy entry, but also durability. Finally, consider that each floorplan comes standard with a roof hatch, along with a ¾ inch exterior grade plywood floor. It doesn’t get much more durable than that, and all together, it makes for a pretty smooth ride.

Expanding your Seating Options

As you would come to expect, the VIP 2000 features several different seating options that you will undoubtedly enjoy. These floor plans, at a glance include:

  • 14 – This is obviously the most standard of the bus configurations, and while it is stated to hold fourteen people, the manufacturer does indicate that it can hold up to seventeen in the right situation. This configuration, while limited, is the most efficient and works quite well if you are moving employees, or perhaps a tour group from one place to another. For obvious reasons, this shuttle is commonly used for carpooling at busy workplaces.
  • 12 + 1 – If ADA compliance is what you’re going for, this configuration is going to be one of the best, for obvious reasons. With this, you will be able to carry one wheelchair, and it can be loaded using a hydraulic wheelchair lift built into the side of the bus. This does take away some of the traditional seating options, but the sacrifice is well worth it.
  • 10 + 2 – This configuration takes it a step further by allowing you to accommodate two wheelchairs rather than just one. Once again, you will lose seats, but this floor plan is perfect for schools, retirement communities, and medical facilities that occasionally need to transport disabled passengers from one place to the next.

If you opt for one of the two latter ADA compliant floor plans for your bus, the vehicle will be equipped with a 36” electric door to ensure that handicapped passengers are able to enter the vehicle with ease. Once again, this is a common component in most buses, including mass transit vehicles, so finding and buying used bus parts will not be a problem of any degree.

Rolling Forward

Diamond bus parts for saleThe VIP/PT 2000 is available as always, in any of the aforementioned floorplans. If you’re interested, make sure you talk to your Diamond dealer and inquire about them, ensuring that you get precisely what you and your company need.

In some cases rolling forward will mean obtaining more than one bus for your fleet, and Diamond would certainly be more than happy to accommodate. Sometimes you might only need one, but imagine if you could obtain a combined fleet of buses, some designated to meet the needs of handicapped individuals while others are meant to meet the needs of your general population. If you’re looking to build such a fleet, then Diamond is not only a great place to start, but the VIP/PT 2000 line makes it more cost effective. You really can’t lose!

Make sure you start by taking a look at the Diamond bus offering s and get your fleet underway. You will have no problem obtaining the best Diamond bus parts for sale and it won’t be long before you’re ready to meet the needs of your customers, employees, and more.



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